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Question - AFK Auto log-out? (1 Viewer)

Oct 26, 2020
Howdy All. Been seeing this last couple of days...happened again today. Here was the scenario today 4 FTP (not silver or gold) accts logged in @ Guild lobby. I unloaded on 3...left mq2 loaded on one to test this thesis. Went to do the dishes, came back about 3 hrs. later ... 3 FTP that were unloaded were logged out, the one with mq2 loaded was still going strong..

Tin foil hat moment...is there some new auto log out feature in the game now? This has happened a couple of times before, can't make head or tails of it.

Here's what I've already done prior to this:
  1. Disabled Auto AFK crap in eq
  2. Disabled sleep
  3. Disabled hard drive turning off
  4. Disabled screen saver
Thoughts? :wtf::bang:


WoW was the first MMO
Jul 22, 2018
they have had auto-afk-logoff code for a long time now. They usually use it on new TLPs to help with queue times. They haven't used it on live servers for some time now, but they def have it in their toolbox.

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