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Discussion - Adding a second group and running them. (1 Viewer)

Apr 1, 2020
Greetings everyone!!!! I have looked through the different threads here and found several messages that have folks that run 2 or more groups. I have started to reach content that one group does not cut it. So I have been thinking to start a second group. I would like to start a discussion on the best way to add and run a second group. This should help out others that might want to run two or more groups and how to go about it.

I can make a group and run it. I can make another group and just run that but to run them both together to accomplish a task is what I am looking at.

All ideas, suggestion, and thoughts are welcome. The goal is that I might be able to set up a guide for folks to follow.

Oct 26, 2020
I would argue that all content that isn't raid content can be done with a single group.
Agree, all the way up into COV this is true. You have to optimize...either go melee or caster dps...there was a post some time ago where the pro's here explained via a table giver and or taker classes. Bottom line:
  • go tankm 2x zerker + bst, bard, shaman for melt you output
  • tank, 2x mage, ranger, enchanter, cleric for easy-peasy will win (but a little slower) - This is my preferred option for free-to-play configuration. EM earrings and a Krono pop to max out aa's...you've got an amazing crew that can live in non-prestige their entire lives

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