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Bug - Achievement TLO not showing all collections (1 Viewer)

Nov 23, 2006
Sorry if this is a known bug, but I couldn't find a thread about it on the forum.

When using the Achievement TLO, not all Achievements are shown or searchable. For a LUA macro I'm writing I have been looking at Collections and have only done tests in this category.

As an example, in Terror of Luclin there is an Achievement called Outpost Reclamation Orders, this contains objectives with a " and , in the named. Due to this the achievement appears to not be shown and in LUA returns NIL when queried for.

The same happens when using MQ2Status and MQ2Collectibles.

To test in MQ2Status use: /Status collection Outpost Reclamation Order, "Security" or /status collection "The Path of Shadows: Omnipotence" (/status collection The Path of Shadows: Omnipotence)
Nov 23, 2006
Some examples:


Outpost Reclamation Orders
/lua parse mq.TLO.Achievement(2909341).Name()
/lua parse mq.TLO.Achievement(2909341).Objective(290934101)

Path of shadow, Protected by Blood
/lua parse mq.TLO.Achievement(2909349).Name()
/lua parse mq.TLO.Achievement(2909349).Objective(290934901)

No Errors:

/lua parse mq.TLO.Achievement(2909372).Name()
/lua parse mq.TLO.Achievement(2909372).Objective(290937201)

/lua parse mq.TLO.Achievement(2909373).Name()
/lua parse mq.TLO.Achievement(2909373).Objective(290937307)

@Sic If you do a count, it will return 38, which is the correct amount of achievements. It only happens when it reads of the data.


May 5, 2016

Outpost Reclamation Orders is missing
Maden's Eye Scavenger is also missing (which includes outpost Reclamation Orders

filtering achievements we can find it
Achievement ID: 2009114


but it not thinking it is under "collections" is making it not show up doing a collection check

status finds it in the achievement usage

but not for collection since mq doesn't see it as a collection for some reason
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