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Question - AA priority for 105 Berserker (1 Viewer)


New member
Jul 4, 2020
i did burst of power and any frenzy stuff really. boosted my auto attack dps by a huge amount. id start there


Dec 29, 2017
Decap is very useful. Veteran's Wrath should stay maxxed out. Synergy should be a priority. Savage Spirit is a primary burn AA. Intimidation can be a hidden gem if you don't realize the effect it has. Then can filter to AA's that can be activated and just go down the list putting points into the offensive ones. Then you'll want to deal with other passive and focus aa's.

Demolishing Axe Throw
Demolishing Frenzy
Demolishing Volley

are all valid priorties in the focus tab once synergy is done.

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