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Problem - /aa act You don't have that ability (1 Viewer)

May 11, 2019
Over the past month I have noticed the /aa act <command name> always gets back an "You don't have that ability." for all AAs that any of my characters have. Is this a known issue?
AA Command I have been using this command for years without any issues until recently. If you give it the name of an AA that doesn't exist the command is ignored, but for one that do the game now responds with the "You don't have that ability." If you use the /aa info option you do get a correct response for the AA info.

Example - Throne of heroes: 511
/aa act Throne of heroes --> Message: You don't have that ability.
/aa act 511 --> Nothing happens
/alt act Throne of heroes --> Message: You don't have that ability.
/alt act 511 --> Casts the ability.

I prefer the name because learning the #. Maybe this is a game level change if the /alt command used to work with the name.
I have been having the same problem.

I understand /alt act ####, but like others have been using /aa act Name successfully for quite some time now. In this scenario, /aa act Selo's Sonata gives me error now "You don't have that ability".

If I adjust my button to /alt act 3704 it works, but i like to be able to see the name too. if I do /aa info Selo's Sonata it pulls all of the correct information, it's just not firing correctly when I input as /aa act Selo's Sonata.

/aa Info Selo's Sonata

/aa Act Selo's Sonata
Problem - /aa act You don't have that ability

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