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Question - 3 character heroic crew with mercs

I have 3 all access accounts that I've accumulated heroic characters on that I made for different reasons over time. I'm considering leveling them up and I'd like some suggestions on team makeup

Account #1 has an 88 shaman, 85 enchanter and 85 magician

Account #2 has a 86 necro and an 85 Cleric

Account #3 has a 85 Paladin and an 85 monk

This is strictly a "just because" project to more characters leveled up and potentially useful for my regular playing groups
It will depend on what you plan to do as far as grouping. if you use mercs, you will need 1 real healer, and one real tank. If you are going to group with other people look at our guild or look for what classes are looking for a group. If you always see melee dsp calling for groups i would want the enc, cleric, and pally. They would be able to take on very difficult missions and named mobs.

Monk, cleric, mage. (Mage pet will get better at tanking with time). monk will give you single pulls to help make up for this, you need a real healer.

Sham, necro, Paladin. Necro gets fd and can pull. Shame for slows and buffs with a good amount of dps. Paladin is good at picking up adds and creating hate with multiple mobs.

Enchanter, Cleric, and Paladin may be your best all-around group. You heals should be good to go, chanter pulling and mez, and pal can hold argo on multiple mobs without having to switch targets group heal and cure. Enc has a buff that will greatly increase pals hate, reduce spell damage, block spell and melee damage, and can reduce the clerics hate.
Pally, cleric, BARD. ENC is a decent second choice, but bards are masters of the single pull. Enchanters pull trains and then lock them down. Same end state, but different methods.
looking it over I think I'll start with the pally cleric chanter to start and just see how well that they progress for a while. with 3 DPS mercs I should have no problems running HA's and keeping a low profile

normally I main a bard which I play manually and have a botted wizard to kills stuff with fire while grouping with my gf and other guildies but it feels like time to start expanding my use of MQ2
My core group is SK, Cleric, Enchanter and I love it. Enchanters make content almost TOO trivial sometimes. I pull (most of the time accidentally) 10+ mobs in EoK T2 and live 99% of the time because the SK can hit shield or deflection disc and the enc locks most of them down in that time. It's awesome.
Tank (Pal/SK/War), Cleric, Bard/Enc, the true core of any group.

I'm currently experimenting with my box groups atm using a bard for one and an enchanter for the other, finding that the bard one seems to perform better, BUT the enchanter one is way more forgiving if you mess up a pull.

But I'd personally with your toons, go Paladin, Cleric, Enchanter and 3 caster merc's


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not sure if these HC's can be deleted & remade or not, if they can:

I'd remake Pal / Monk into War & Mage:

In my opinion war's make the best MQ2 tanks in particular when they are coupled with enchanters. SK's get some advantages for pulling and AE aggro but I think the ench generally makes that not an issue. The mage can also be used with their pet for a group tank in some farming / grinding situations.

I'd remake the necro as a BL or possibly shaman: if you're in a group that you don't need the cleric for, or want to get merc AA, the BL can add some mini-shaman buffs as well as provide dps.


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if it was me, tank, cleric and a wiz and no mercs.... send them after mats for TS, that's what I do.....