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Question - 3-boxing and all 3 mercs disappear at once? (1 Viewer)

Mar 19, 2021
Hi everyone, been having a really strange bug happen once every couple of days. Completely out of the blue all 3 of my mercs will disappear (I have enough plat to pay the upkeep). I will then stop combat so I can restore them, but even in resting state the Unsuspend button will be greyed out and will say "You can not unsuspend your current mercenary while in this zone" (I can't even find this phrase on google)... It will only let me unsuspend when I zone or log out. This only started happening when I moved to Maiden's Eye.

Anyone know what could possibly be causing this?



May 5, 2016
they've been having some issues with mercs related to transferred toons - so i wonder if those issues extend more broadly to other merc issues

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