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Request - 2 issues pathing and buffing (1 Viewer)

Jul 15, 2019
Need help. I have been running my box crew has been going well since fixing my dps reporting error on wizard.

Now all that has happened is my toons have increased in level and I have downloaded new ini files.

I have changed to different Inis. To try and fix this but still having these issues.

1st issue
Wizard will not path when I hit follow or come to me. If I manually move him soon as I get him where I want him he will path right back to where he was at. I have tried stopping and restarting the program. Logged relogged and restarted computer. Wizard is only toon affected by this pathing issue. I have been cohed by my maverick across entire zone and he will path right back.

2nd issue
My mage will for whatever reason get caught in a loop just constantly casting his AA modulation rod. I will log to him cast something else or move and he will go right back to casting it. I have deleted it from my ini files and all instances of any mod rod. Now he doesnt load all his spell gems.

Really just would love to be pointed in the direction of working level 110s lol. Right now my enchanter and cleric is only one that is working with zero issues.
My list of toons that I have as boxes. I main play my 110 SK and dont need an ini for him.
110 Wizard. 110 Mage, 110 Cleric, 110 Shaman. And 110 Enchanter.

Working on 99 Warrior, 99 Monk, and 99 Ranger ( want him to be archery specific)

Thanks for any help and as a new user loving all that this has been able to do for me. Certainly makes getting groups easy.
Sep 8, 2019
For the wizard it sounds like ReturnToCamp= is set to 1. Drove me crazy for a few hours the first time I used kiss.

I think for the mod rod you would need to tell Kiss who many you want which would be 1. Something like Buffs5=Summon Modulation Shard|Summon|Summoned: Glowing Modulation Shard|1
Jul 15, 2019
Thanks so much for quick reply. I will check them as soon as I get home. Reading what you wrote makes it so obvious didnt even think about return to camp but wow I hope that is it.

The Mage error I will have to look at for sure.

Mar 9, 2017
For summoning over and over, it is almost always an error/typo in the Buff line. KA will cast the exact spell/item and look for the exact summoned item name & #. If it doesn't find the item in inventory, then it will try again. And again.

So if you're using the a spell, make sure you're getting that exact mod rod's name in the line. If you're using the AA rod, make sure it is the version you summon ie "Giant" or "Glowing" Sometimes its just that you grabbed an ini from the library that was setup for a different level of the AA.

Buffs7=Mass Dark Transvergence|Summon|Wand of Pelagic Transvergence|1
Buffs8=Summon Modulation Shard|Summon|Summoned: Glowing Modulation Shard|1
If the toon isn't loading their spells, check these settings. If the Load is set to =2, it will load the spell set from the [MySpells] entry in the ini. If you set it to =1 you can specify a saved spellset name to load.

Gem1=Defiant Stance
Gem2=Tylix's Skin
Gem3=Touch of T`Vem
Gem4=Dire Testimony
Gem5=Refute for Power Rk. II
Gem6=Terror of Kra`Du Rk. II
Gem7=Torrent of Suffering Rk. II
Gem8=Xalgoz's Bite Rk. II
Gem9=Dichotomic Fang
Gem10=Spear of Tylix
Gem11=Bond of Xalgoz Rk. II
Gem12=Touch of Hemofax
Gem13=Harmonious Disruption
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Sep 15, 2013
Check which rank of the aa you have as each summons a different rod.

Also make sure you don't have a different version in your mage's inventory as the are lore with the other types


Mar 21, 2014
Depending on if you are using MQ2EQBC or MQ2DanNet. Make sure your wizard is getting the messages from your character that is issuing the come to me command. You can also try the /trackmedown command from the toon you want your wizard to run to. The ReturnToCamp is used to return your character to camp, The /trackmedown code takes care of turning ReturnToCamp off and running you to your new location and then resetting your camp location to your current location and then does a final check before turning ReturnToCamp back on.

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