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Contest 1st Annual EverQuest Software Awards. Win Krono & Prizes For Voting (1 Viewer)


Oct 15, 2004
1st Annual EverQuest Software Awards

RedGuides is proud to host the 1st annual ESA. Votes are private, and you may change them.

Help your favorite authors win some Krono!
Select a Category to Vote

After voting on all 5 categories, reply to this thread to enter the drawing. Say anything you like, just hit reply.

Door Prizes for Voters (chosen by in-game /random)

The Burning Lands (1 winner)
Keith Parkinson 15"x22" Firiona Vie Print (2 winners)
Krono (3 winners)
Sealed Pack of 1994 Keith Parkinson Fantasy Cards (5 winners)

No purchase necessary. No more entries after February 24th, 11:59 PM PST.
Drawing will be held in-game on the Vox server, by use of /random. Time & location of the /random will be posted after contest ends, you are welcome to attend.
One reply only, please. Multiple replies (and therefore multiple entries) are allowed so long as you are carrying on a normal on-topic conversation.
Shipping of physical items is to USA only, an alternate prize will be selected if we can't get it to you.
Posting with multiple accounts, or screwing with the contest will lead to certain doom.
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Oct 15, 2004
Complete list of entrants. Select a category to vote.

Favorite new plugin of 2018
MQ2TargetInfo - "Distance, line of sight, placeholder info on target window; extra hotkeys for group window" - eqmule
MQ2Discord - "connects MQ2 to discord. Send messages & commands to and from each." - alynel
MQ2Clipboard - "Copies text from EQ to your clipboard" - alynel
MQ2SpawnSort - "Find spawns by whatever variable you like, sortable" - alynel
MQ2WorstHurt - "Finds the most injured member of your party, xtar list or pet" - alynel
MQ2EQWire (paid) - "Reduce EverQuest's CPU and GPU usage" - eqmule
MQ2SlotColors (paid) - "Changes the color of bag slots depending on item type, like a modern MMORPG" - eqmule
MQ2DanNet - "auto-discovery peer to peer networking plugin, like EQBC but better." - dannuic
MQ2KissTemplate - "Makes a template of your current characters KissAssist INI." - ChatWithThisName
MQ2SQLite - "Allows interaction with a SQLite database" - Knightly
MQ2Profiler - "Find out why a macro is running slowly" - alynel

Favorite new macro of 2018
(must have 5+ unique downloads, nomination by a member, or other notability)
IHCEnch - "Enchanter-only Combat assistant" - ihc385
Parcel.Mac - "Aids in the sending of multiple parcels at once based on an INI." - ChatWithThisName
CheckBarter.mac - "Assist with selling items in your bags to players currently in barter mode using an INI." - ChatWithThisName
Erollisi Day's Task: Things are Best with Friends macro - "Assisting you with all your friendly needs for this quest." - Norrathian
Simple Farm Mob Macro - "Great for farming materials and leveling lowbies" - rogue601
Longest Tutorial Macro I've seen "for running your boxed characters through the tutorial" - ChatWithThisName
GoTrain.Mac "Send your toons to their trainer!" - rogue601
Guidestone.mac "Assist in combines for Guidestone" - ChatWithThisName
Farm.mac "It will kill anything specified near you, and wander the zone" - ChatWithThisName
ShrinkEm "Shrinks your group" - sl968
GroundGrab.mac "Will assist you by traveling around a zone collecting the item specified" - ChatWithThisName
Multidrag.mac "Once you get in range of a player's corpse it will attempt to summon it." - kaen01
AutoActive.mac "Provides a little bit of help pressing buttons for those who prefer mostly manual play" -kaen01
TBMArmor.mac "TBM Armor Aug Assistant. Will assist with upgrading augments on TBM Armor" - dannuic
Aug.mac "Easily find the distillers you need for your augs" - Maskoi
Travel.mac "Travels across zones. For use with MQ2EasyFind" - ChatWithThisName
Lockpick.mac "Assists with leveling up lockpick skill." - ChatWithThisName
EZ Server Automation - last post "A large collection of EZ Server macros" - jackstraw01
Tradeskill.mac "All tradeskills combine assistant - ini driven - mass produce - learn - skill up" - Rooster
Hatchery.mac "Assists with running Hatchery to power level" - TheDroidUrLookingFor
CPU.mac "Change Display Settings to Minimise CPU Usage" - alynel
Not-So-Quick Spell/Disc Checker "Find out what spells/discs you need to buy on your characters" - dannuic
alias.mac "This macro will add new commands to Macroquest that make common tasks easier." - gse7en
RezBot "if your class can do it, then this will rez and nothing else!" - Razkle
Level10.mac "take your character to level 10 with the red wine quest" - Knightly
Pocketfarm.mac "This is a no nonsense no frills farm/hunter mac. you go to a zone, start it, and it kills." - kaen01
Sneaky trainer "Will train your sneak and hide while you go poop" - kaen01
FD Trainer "Simple Easy Feign Death Trainer." - kaen01
KA 10 to 11 Conversion Macro "Converts Kiss 10 ini's to Kiss 11" - ctaylor22
SpellBookUtility "MQ2 functions to manage your Spell Book" - IRKodama
Cheers "Alcohol Tolerance Trainer" - kaen01
qok.mac "Creates Quintessence of knowledge for use with The Binden Concerrentia" - EQaddict
ClearBuffs.mac "Clears all buffs it can, almost instantly." - kaen01
Parcel.mac "Sends all TS/Collectible items via parcel to designated player" - ChatWithThisName
Cycler.Mac "For Powerleveling Alts that can group with your main party!" - Ladon

Favorite Updated macro of 2018
bazaar.mac "keep your bazaar prices competitive." - ChatWithThisName
spell_routines.inc "Include file widely used for casting in various macros." - saar
Bind Wound & Begging Macro "skills up bind wound & begging at the same time" - deathlock
Alcohol skilling "alcohol tolerance macro" - saar
MoneyPot (formerly Cauldron.mac) "Summon/destroy items from Mage's Cauldron line of spells" - TheFiddler
IHCZerker "Berserker specific boxing macro" - ihc385
Guild Buff Assistant "Guild Buff Assistant with lots of options." - TheDroidUrLookingFor
TellnSpell "A simple buffbot that does everything you need" - Maskoi
Assassin.mac "Combat Assistant for Rogue - Assists with maximizing your rogue." - davewilson
Auto Macros (AutoCleric, AutoBrdWar, AutoSubs.inc) "Combat Assistants for Cleric, Bard and Warrior that need no setup." - Noobhaxor
environment combine mac "Simple experimental environment (Forge, Kiln, etc) combine macro" - Rooster
Milk and Cookie Dispenser "macro for dispensing milk and cookies" - Kaen01
AAList.mac "List only the latest Expac AA" - Ladon
RazNuke 2.0 (paid) "Combat Assistant - Class: Wizard" - Razkle
lazyrez.mac "a lazylobbyrez variant that does not use mercs" - tucker
Simple Melee Macro "Simple Melee macro for all melee classes on emu" - Slade the Magician
Fish.mac "a fishing macro" - ChatWithThisName
optimize.mac "Plugin optimization, hotbuttons, settings, low-mem!" - Ladon
BAS.mac "Barter Auto Seller" - ctaylor22
ModBot.mac "All class combat assistant for advanced users." - Woobs
DumpsterDive.mac "Runs around checking merchants for items others have sold" - kaen01
Scribe.mac "This macro will buy every spell/tome you don't have memorized, and then scribe it" -gSe7en
GTFO.mac "give up your camp to others, come back when they're gone." - gSe7en
GiveItems.mac "Gives all tradeskill items or one of each collection item" - Kaen01
cskillup.mac "Spell Casting Skillup Trainer" - alynel
Core "A combat macro that works with every class" - exspes007
KissAssist "The most-used all class box assistant, for beginners and experts." - Maskoi, ctaylor22
KissAssist 10.0.04 EqMule Edition "EqMule's fork of KissAssist, with advanced conditionals. The macro used by the MQ2 master himself." - EqMule

Favorite Updated plugin of 2018
Crash fix updates are not included, because eqmule would have nearly every plugin.
MQ2AASpend "Spend AA's quickly " - eqmule
MQ2AFNuke "It should assist the group/raid MA, and nuke. " -jimbob
MQ2AutoAccept "Accept invites, Trades, Taskadds, Expeditions (dzadds}, trasolocate and primary/second anchors." - eqmule
MQ2AutoLogin "Log in your characters automatically" - eqmule
MQ2AutoLoot "control looting automatically" - plure
MQ2Cast "A plugin to handle your character's casting" - dannuic
MQ2EasyFind "Travling Assistant for anything in the Find window" - eqmule
MQ2EQBC "Issue commands to other toons connected to the EQBC Server. Control all toons at once!" - ChatWithThisName, Redbot
MQ2Heals "Assists with Healing" - Jimbob
MQ2HUD "Draws an overlay onto the screen to display information based on an INI" - dannuic, SwiftyMuse
MQ2ItemDisplay "This plugin allows you to add extra information to the item info windows" - eqmule
MQ2Labels "Allows you to use MQ2Data within your EQ UI." - eqmule
MQ2Melee "Automate melee skills & movement" - eqmule, saar, ChatWithThisName
MQ2MyButtons "Adds an extra row of buttons which you can assign any command you like" - Knightly, eqmule
MQ2Nav "Assist with intelligent navigation using a Navigation mesh of a zone file." - brainiac
MQ2NetBots "Provides Linked MQ2EQBC Client way to exchange/share statistics/status" - Woobs, SwiftyMuse
MQ2Posse "Checks for PCs in a defined radius identifying them as friends or strangers" - eqmule, Sym
MQ2Radar "displays a radar onscreen like many other games" - eqmule
MQ2ToolTip "Shows info in the Tooltip window when mousing over an NPC or Player" -eqmule

Favorite stand-alone software for EverQuest, new or updated 2018
GamParse "A log parser for data freaks. DPS, heals, and more via in-game overlays." - Gamanern
ISBoxer "Manages the client and each character window for multiboxing." - Lax
EQdkp-Plus "A tool for managing your guild and raids through a points system." - wallenium
MacroQuest 2 "An add-on system for EverQuest" - EqMule, SwiftyMuse
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Jul 30, 2006
Hrm, guess I thought you could see who voted and had a system.

Well, I guess I should say that I voted, then!

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