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Question - 115 group (1 Viewer)

Jan 18, 2017
Hey all, a few questions on your thoughts as experienced live players. Backstory, I came from TLP - and started up on FV for a change of pace to play around in live and test out MQ.

I got my grp up to 115, and grinded out all pertinent AA's and cleaning up the trade skill stuff now. SK, Shm, Bard, Zerk, Rogue, Bst.

I have been getting them a set of waxing lvl 115 recommended armor for visibles, and whatever not super expensive non-visibles that I can get around the 115 req. level. I ran through Tbm missions for type 5's heroic augs, completed MPG trials, and I'm currently grinding faction for DoN progression while knocking out 1.0's with the plan to get 1.5/2.0's.

I do not own current expansions (old TLP player) so my cap is Torment of Velious content (so some 115 AA's are locked to me and some of the ToV 115 spells) until I bit the bullet and buy the new expansion.

My SK has some old (30/35ac) type augs, and none of them have any progression for hero AA's.

My current plan of attack is to get epic's and old progression bonuses (mpg/don) completed, but i'm kind of split on what would serve me better afterwards. Go and try to farm better AC augs for the SK, or play around in CotF and further expansions to grind out the hero aa's. Being in old content, the low end AC augs for the SK hasn't really been an issue, but I would expect eventually I would run into mobs that smack. I have the shm rez stick on my to-do list as well, but since I have to run through the flagging raids to open up the item on the merchant it has been a back burner task so far.

So, tl:dr, what would be an efficient/recommended strategy going forward for a new lvl 115 team, and are there any items/quests/etc. that I should look into that would help the team?

Feb 15, 2022
You have the gear, lack the augs. I would honestly, go for the Chardok, Gorowyn, Overthere etc augs. There is a post here about easy, farmable augs to get that will net you 55+ AC 400HP+ 7/8 augs that will really help you in everything you do. Don't limit yourself. You can always go back and do the older stuff later, but if you get smacked around in current content, you are limited to older content. Give yourself options.

Apr 3, 2020
You seem to already have a solid plan. Have you purchased all of the AC augs from the various vendors in Tainted Karana? Doubtful since you haven't worked on CoTF much. I would suggest doing CoTF to earn both currency for those augs as well as getting the hero's fortitude stuff.
Jul 27, 2019
Collections are also worth doing. The trophies from later xpacs add a ton of heroic stats, and the collections from the older xpacs allow you to add more trophies. If you get them all you can have a total of 8 trophies active which can add 300+ heroic stats. The other thing worth working on is the artisan's prize as it is still the best aug in the game.
Aug 12, 2018
Here is what I would do, if you haven't already.

The 24th Anniversary events begin on Thursday, March 16 at 12:00 a.m. Pacific (USA) Time. Further events go live in April. So look these up and be prepared.

When I say look these up I mean most of these have tweaks and short cuts posted though out this forum and others that will zip these out in no time

Sixth Anniversary Scavenger Hunt The reward is Dusty Ceremonial Elixir of Scholarship,

Ninth Anniversary Scavenger Hunt - Reward is Brick of Knowledge, a device which can port you to the Plane of Knowledge once every 20 hours.
Defending Knowledge This is a mission for players that are level 75 and higher. Reward: Miniature Horn of Unity icon Miniature Horn of Unity

What Happens In Neriak... Diplomatic Papers

Dead Dragons (Allakhazam, EQ Resource) - Bonus reward: Necromantic Dragon Bone icon Necromantic Dragon Bone.

Liquid Courage (Allakhazam, EQ Resource) - Bonus reward: Golden Helm of Rallos Zek icon Golden Helm of Rallos Zek trophy.

Pirates of Timorous Deep (Allakhazam, EQ Resource) - Bonus reward: Shimmering Black Pearl icon Shimmering Black Pearl.

***************easy short cut - Pub Crawl (Allakhazam, EQ Resource) - Bonus reward: Drunkard's Stein icon Drunkard's Stein.

There are a ton of others but these are the highlights. I copied all this from Fanra. Its the easiest to look at for which quest is which and the rewards are right there too



Well-known member
Nov 21, 2020
No mention of conflagrant augs so idk if you have them. There are slot 5s and 7s. At your level etc you could be farming fight figure in TBL for evolving stuff(4 slots) and the currency(WAY better than the TBM slot5s) and between work on other stuff. If you can't handle that stuff yet then working through CotF, TDS, eok, Ros makes some sense.

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