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    Plugin - MQ2Events

    So....I'm wondering if it's possible to have an event trigger that does multiple things. Yes, I'm aware of multiline. What I'm really wondering is if it's possible to have a trigger that could go chase after Griklor and position/stick in front at an appropriate distance until the following...
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    Question - Getting the Wayfarer pottery TS freebie back on track

    Good thought. Checked /itemoverflow and while there are items in there, they are all items from my house.
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    Question - Getting the Wayfarer pottery TS freebie back on track

    Malkidiv U'Ycionsuz says, 'I will give you the recipes after you have helped us enough.' I get that you all think I'm done with this part. I can assure you, I'm not. Nor is it my first time (across all my characters) I've completed this step. I know full well what should be happening here. On...
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    Question - Getting the Wayfarer pottery TS freebie back on track

    Malkidiv U'Ycionuz says, 'I see that we have already assigned you some tasks. Please complete that work, then come and ask us for more.' None of those recipes are in my list for pottery. None of those mats are in my inventory (or bank). My current pottery skill is 56 which suggests I did do...
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    Question - Getting the Wayfarer pottery TS freebie back on track

    I've got a situation on one of my characters where the pottery NPC in GoD (Malkidiv U'Ycionuz) says I'm already in the process of helping. But I've checked my inventory and can't find the mats to satisfy the task. I don't recall doing anything with this before, but likely I just got them at one...
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    Contest Tabletop Memories

    Already have Gloomhaven, though I've never played it in my gaming group. That said, several years of doing RPG table-top gaming including stints and both a player and DM. Favorite experience....going through a D&D 2nd Edition campaign with a group of friends. DM created a custom...
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    Patch - Changes on test for annivesary

    Jimmies being rustled over the Enchanter stun nerf. And I'm long past the era when I would use them.
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    News - 36 hour maintenance - April 20th

    Thankfully my crew is completely set up with augs.
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    Question - Kicked from raid for using MQ...

    Thoughts on taking two numbers (/rez delay # #) to add a little bit of variability? Either as a range (wait 25 to 35 deciseconds) or as a variance (wait 35 +/- up to 10 deciseconds). Assuming # is a tenth of a second.
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    Plugin - MQ2Boxr

    Feature request: burn/burnnow
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    Plugin - MQ2Boxr

    Right. All of that is correct and understood. The frustrating part is the character running back to the mob going from assist/camp, manual, assist/camp. It'd be nice if there as a mode to stop doing what you're doing to serve as a break.
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    Plugin - MQ2Boxr

    Yeah. I figure this is a plugin issue. And you're probably right it's an "as intended". It's just a bit frustrating in terms of getting everyone where I want them to be (and staying there for the next step). This is one I'm not sure can be accomplished with the boxr plugin (i.e., I think it's...
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    Plugin - MQ2Boxr

    I can regularly recreate the problem with BST and Cleric if the character still maintains "agro" on a mob when using the manual option followed by camp. In my case, taking down one of the commanders in BB (such that it's never actually killed in full) is a prime case for this. I have to manually...
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    Plugin - MQ2Boxr

    I agree. It's not the behavior I expect. It's why I'm mentioning it. Running the Unity quest multiple times and it's where I'm seeing the oddity. Maybe the characters aren't properly disengaging from the first Commander before I issue the next camp. If it matters, I'm using Mage CoH to change...
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    Plugin - MQ2Boxr

    First time using the camp option seems to establish a camp. For CWTN plugins, subsequent uses just has my characters running back to the previously established camp. FWIW, this is after using manual (i.e., 'camp', do something there, 'manual', move to a new locaion, 'camp', characters run off)...
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    Tip - 22nd anniversary spoiler

    Is there a way to get back into the area where Rottrued is marked on the map? There are a couple mobs back there. No stone unturned for those pages.
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    Question - Ores!

    I haven't tracked specific numbers, but I'd say 1 in 3 at best. Skyshrine and Dragon Necropolis are my zones of choice at the moment, but I'm mainly grinding for AAs to max out a couple characters.
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    Question - Ores!

    You're getting a lot better results than I. Named are dropping them, but hardly enough to get 33+ in a day (minus those you would get from running Zlandi a few times). Edit to add I'm not routinely running the other missions, but even at 12 of those a day I'm not getting named to spawn enough...
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    Plugin - MQ2AutoLogin

    I've notice it doesn't work sometimes if the instance of EQ associated with the profile hasn't cleared from the tasks (running programs). Once I terminate that instance, everything goes back to normal. Oddly, it doesn't happen all the time which makes me think it's a weird plugin conflict.