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    Question - New member, question on group makeup

    SHM/BRD.. Can switch out Bard with another wizard or ranged dps if you'd like.. but I can't play without Selo's so thats my recommendation!
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    IRL - Test Server is down again. How are you killing the time?

    http://eqempires.com/LivePatch.zip http://eqempires.com/TestPatch.zip Enjoy.
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    IRL - Test Server is down again. How are you killing the time?

    Yeah so this patcher thing has been happening since Tuesday as well. Been in the Discord they're saying its an issue with their CDN. Going on day 5... What a joke.
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    Discussion - Ragefire/Lockjaw

    Hey guys. It's been a long time since I've played but I've been getting the itch lately. I was really wanting to start on either Ragefire/Lockjaw and box a few characters. I really like the next few expansions. Everything I've read online says that Lockjaw is pretty much dead so my best choice...
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    105 Shadow Knight - By Matthew8732

    [General] KissAssistVer=8.1.4 [SpellSet] LoadSpellSet=2 [Buffs] BuffsOn=1 Buffs1=Call of Gloomhaze Rk. III Buffs2=Shroud of the Darksworn Rk. III Buffs3=Falhotep's Covenant Rk. III Buffs4=Zombie Skin Rk. III Buffs5=Grelleth's Horror Rk. III Buffs6=Grelleth's Skin Rk. III Buffs7=Drape of the...
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    Discussion - TLP wants it all to move faster now...

    this made me very sad...
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    Question - Group Comp

    Yeah the group you suggested is way better than what I'm running now. Thanks for answering all my questions.
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    Question - Group Comp

    Hey guys.. I just returned to the game and I'm looking to completely overhaul my groups composition.. I'm running a Nec/Wiz/Brd/Rng/SK group on the test server with ISBoxer. I normally drive on the Necro but I don't enjoy playing the class at all. I've been leveling my Wizard and SK but I've...
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    Question - EQ Test Server

    Hey guys. I've tried a few times over the past couple of years to return to the game but for some reason I just can't get hooked back in.. I've played on the Emulator for awhile now and I've been spoiled by MQ2. I was wondering about how the live MQ2 compile will interact with the test server...