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    Question - is it possible to PL via gribble?

    You should never need to do Gribbles when PL'ing with a 115 SK. I have only done a couple of toons, but below is what I found to work best for me. It may slow down a bit at 80 or so, but you can do The Grounds to level 85, at which point grouping with the SK will be your best bet. You can...
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    Guide - Map commands

    To expound upon this tip, as I could not find this documented with the MQ2Map commands. From the documentation you can set a command to be performed when the right mouse button is clicked in the map via the command line, e.g. /mapclick shift /echo shift This will put an entry in the [Right...
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    IRL - Plane of War - Defending the Castle

    Well, just came back to say....whoa, relieved and annoyed to find that PoWar isn't required for Planeslayer (as you noted, @phillsphan). Learned this little factoid when I finished PoJ slayer just now and saw the Planeslayer achieve come up. Serves me right for not even looking at the...
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    IRL - Plane of War - Defending the Castle

    OK, so decided to finish up PoP Slayer achievement. To get to the final mobs in PoWar I need to do the access quests. Problem is, I am stuck on the first step of the Defending the Castle quest. It seems simple enough - go out and get a Tamrelian mob, bring him back to 'a willing subject', who...
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    Question - Looting

    So incredibly descriptive. Are you using MQ2AutoLoot and that's why you are asking here? Do you have advanced looting on? A wee bit more description of the problem would go a long way to helping.
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    News - Omg awesome windows hack

    Being helpful is great. What ABWar was pointing out is that if the person who knows how to write conditions simply writes the condition, and posts it as text file (or just text), it bypasses the whole speech-to-text thing in the first place (and speech-to-text is terrible for code in any case)...