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  1. Kasino7

    Question - Referral Info

    Here's some red cents in lieu. Make sure your friend hits you up with some coins too and you'll get your referral month in no time!
  2. Kasino7

    Problem - AFK Fighting Reminder

    Heres some red cents mate!
  3. Kasino7

    Plugin - MQ2Exchange

    Appears to be fixed
  4. Kasino7

    Plugin - MQ2AutoClaim

    Hey how does one get their hands on this. this is in the public area with no links to download.
  5. Kasino7

    Plugin - MQ2Exchange

    Not working for us either. :( Impacts MQ2Bandolier, MQ2Bardswap
  6. Kasino7

    Question - new to all this stuff

    mq2 has made this game so much more enjoyable.
  7. Kasino7

    Question - KissAssist vs MuleAssist

    To confirm, Mule Assist is one of those things I eagerly await the next update. Because almost every single day, there is an update, or a potential of one (just whether or not Lemons wishes to push it out or not). This tool is constantly being worked and re-worked, and you can physically see...
  8. Kasino7

    Question - KissAssist vs MuleAssist

    Pulling - Kiss Assist Charm - Mule Assist Tank - Kiss Assist Condition Building - Mule Assist Mezz - Kiss Assist Buffs - Kiss Assist (Too Buff Manager works. OOG Mule Assist works on initial, never rebuffs) Buff requesting - Mule Assist (cant still run your macor and engage in TellNSpell behaviour)
  9. Kasino7

    Patch - First patch day

    Correct, once live you can restart your Launcher, hit update and voila! The magic resumes.
  10. Kasino7

    Discussion - Patch Day EQ Projects

    Update my MQ2React Update INIs Take a shower Eat something non processed Laundry Honey-Do List - as much as possible to regain the faction lost during the the last month
  11. Kasino7

    Stupid - Silly Patch Day Vote: Bread heel; yay or nay?

    Doesnt matter, bread is no longer the staple of our society. Paladin Guilds though, THAT I can get on board with!
  12. Kasino7

    Question - Getting out of auto nav while engaged in it

    I use /nav stop have it into a hotkey to mqpause off, stick off. Call it an abort key if you will. Sic has another method which works well. I found I am often finding instances I need to use A, W, S and D to smooth out of the Nav Meshes as they often get hung up on corners if not shrunk...
  13. Kasino7

    Discussion - Most Clicked item in EQ.

    JBoots for SURE. Everyone one of my toons clicks it when it zones, and when any movement buff is missing. Tanks spam it nonstop for threat. Yea, I vote JBoots. Holgresh Wands are great for PLs too. Those are my top two.
  14. Kasino7

    Question - Hey I just wanted to try this out, new on Rizlona

    Here's a red coin. If a few others give the same you'll be set up in no time. Welcome!
  15. Kasino7

    Patch - Game Update Notes: July 15, 2020

    Wait... they disabled the ability for us to know ahead of time when we are running out of time!?!? Can we modify something to re-enable!?!? What the heck. I don't want to find out that my boxes are out of time when I'm logging into to raid time.... then swap over to FV, transfer KR, all that...
  16. Kasino7

    Question - 6 box

    After being pampered with bard, I cant do a group without it. War/SK (I prefer war as easier to manage/pilot) Cleric Bard (Selos, lev, aqualungs) Wiz (Need some sort of portage) Mage Enc / Mage (ENC is nice, mind candy, mezz, charm) I liked doing the Charm thing in Hole this go around.
  17. Kasino7

    Patch - June 17 Patch Notes

    So anyone still want to work on kiss assist charm code? :)
  18. Kasino7

    Tip - MQ2 WinTitles How to stop them from changing

    Hey guys, Not sure if anyone else ran into conflicts with ISBoxer, HotkeyNet, AHK, etc. I've found three locations that WinTitle gets changed, and wanted to share with everyone in case anyone else was going bonkers at figuring out how to stop it from changing. In your Macros Folder, locate...