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  1. Redfrog

    Tech - How to Enable Push Notifications?

    Thanks Monkey !! I changed it, its way in there. Hope it sticks now.
  2. Redfrog

    Tech - How to Enable Push Notifications?

    I recently changed from FireFox to Brave Browser. I keep getting this message: RedGuides: EverQuest Multi-boxing Community would like your permission to enable push notifications. Naturally I love getting the little popups while playing or working, so I hit accept. On Firefox it never was an...
  3. Redfrog

    Question - Guild Clicky Portals (Stratos, FM, ETC) Question

    Wondering if I may join on this request as well? I have none of the ports and would be happy for any possible, I'm on Cazic/Fennin Ro.
  4. Redfrog

    Discussion - EQ burnout

    That is EXACTLY how I felt for so long before joining RG, my love of EQ brought me back, as its only Solitaire, EQ and very seldom some Minesweeper. Alt Tabbing got old fast, but I did it for awhile with a group. Once I took a deep breath and decided to do "the unthinkable" and try out a...
  5. Redfrog

    IRL - Fabled and last part of Anniversary

    The Fabled Earth Elemental one is a great one. Use it like this: Buffs8=Fabled Ball of Golem Clay|Dual|Illusion Benefit Fabled Earth Elemental Buffs9=Illusion: Earth Elemental|Remove or Drag the item down in your illusion Keyring to the stat box at the bottom. that way anytime you have an...
  6. Redfrog

    Discussion - EQ burnout

    Hi SomeTester, I would say firstly just take an EQ break, find one thing that helps for part of the day, like another game, taking a half hour walk twice a day if possible, jump on Discord and chat with peoples (not necessarily about EQ), or some other hobby. Sometimes that break will help you...
  7. Redfrog

    News - Emergency patch tomorrow

    I lost a Krono last friday night to my other character trading it in person, had to make a ticket and had it resolved very early Monday morning. I'm happy about that.
  8. Redfrog

    Software Kaen01's Custom UI

    @garr71 @kaen01 Could one of you post that update file here for others who may like Kaen's coool UI
  9. Redfrog

    Problem - Keep Crashing on my laptop

    Pic of @Sic peeking through a DuMP......Yikes, Please wash your hands after. 🤮
  10. Redfrog

    Plugin - MQ2Boxr

    Hi Sidien, This seems exciting as I use a few different methods with KA, CWTN and some RG mercs on occasion.
  11. Redfrog

    IRL - New boxer - curious about MQ

    Hi Pixie, Welcome and I'm so happy you found this great place and awesome EQ tools. The guys and gals here have a version of MacroQuest2 that is called Very Vanilla and is not littered with so many of the unsafe hacks that the people that like to warp and such do, Its a really great way to play...
  12. Redfrog

    Bans - Conserve Water & Power // Southern States

    Praying for all you Texans and other people in bad weather areas. Hope FEMA gets in gear and gets help to people that need it. May you and your families be safe. great post @an_image ! :) Hope all will be well @cannonballdex , I had been thinking of moving to Teaxas. The VA wants to help me get...
  13. Redfrog

    Question - Baz Conspiracy ??? Help me retain my sanity

    Rufus, your post made me laugh, as after I posted, I told my wife, I feel like I was typing wearing a Tin Foil Hat !!! I felt it so weird to consider, but as I believe its all server side stuff for baz sales, there is not much (if anything) a player can do from home to do anything of what I'm...
  14. Redfrog

    Question - Baz Conspiracy ??? Help me retain my sanity

    @freeferli Yes, I know it can be sorted alphabetically or otherwise, and I have not done that. Yes people can buy from anyone, totally agree and understand. The pic is perhaps a bad example, as this is from today sometime after server up and I happen to be the only one buying more than one, I...
  15. Redfrog

    Question - Baz Conspiracy ??? Help me retain my sanity

    So this has gone on for awhile, I finally am wanting to vent it out or ask for thoughts, as it seems too weird, but here goes: When I put my Buyer on, I wind up being put 'low' on the list and find myself not able to buy a Krono until a specific name or two seem to get theirs or they are...
  16. Redfrog

    Patch - Servers up

    This is the place for questions, all of us start learning and help each other. In due time, you'll likely be the one answering these things for new people, and there will ALWAYS be new people whom find their way here and have new EQ experiences. Its a beautiful thing.
  17. Redfrog

    Patch - Servers up

    Usually the RG team has it working again by 5-8PM PST, and often before the time said. Also, you can donate to the Devs to get access to the VV before its released by Launcher.
  18. Redfrog

    Discussion - In your opinion, what is the value of 'Gift: Claws of Veeshan Expansion Ticket'

    Family & Friends Its the Premium Edition plus a few things, including Gift versions of the regular CoV expansion, Snow Bunny mount and 85 Heroic character.
  19. Redfrog

    Discussion - In your opinion, what is the value of 'Gift: Claws of Veeshan Expansion Ticket'

    By Real World currency value, it is worth the price of the lowest tier store bought expansion, so about 2 Krono. As its a way to acquire it within game, I can see its value being maybe 3 Krono...but I think its hard to justify more than that. Though I have seen people trying to sell it for much...
  20. Redfrog

    Question - Debate on weapons

    For 110, I am using Lament Maul of Restlessness, its 36 Delay, easily found in Baz if that helps. Its 110/115, good for FTP characters, but would love to hear other options.