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    Funny - No EverQuest - A horror story

    i just learned of symlink, its rather neat. Denethor has a post >HERE< about using symlink and how to set it up (for a different scenario, but it works).
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    Question - Context Menu

    Spent quite a while trying to figure this out without any joy. Is there some way to access Everquests Context Menus via MQ? They only reply as NULL when you /echo ${EverQuest.LastMouseOver.Name} over them. and semi-related (im a curious person), the people that develop MQ, they have to program...
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    IRL - Wacky group ideas

    6 monks (or 5 monks aand 1 shaman?) and see how long you can keep them going. an FD cycle for tanking would be pretty funny
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    News - 36 hour maintenance - April 20th

    devs dont need sleep, im pretty sure they just drink redbull and coffee and chain smoke cigarettes' while turning a computer on and off.
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    IRL - Greetings Adventurer

    greetings! if you interested id say its worth a month subscription to check it out! (im fairly new myself and a big isboxer fan, previous user) the install and setup thru the redguides launcher is rather super simple, especially compared to the first isboxer setup! the fun begins after your in.
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    Question - Achievements Missing Old Content

    ya, if ya want them extra cheesement points, gotta go back. when it was released i had done tons of content in there, and only had a few odd things here or there marked.
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    News - 36 hour maintenance - April 20th

    /Pizza while playing /gems !!
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    IRL - Unity Feather Turn in

    Shortly after quest was live, I went in, got all the pages, and quit the mission. Traded all the pages to an alt. Zoned in with alt and an entire new group. Talked to the guy there that wants the pages, turned in all pages, everyone in group got the anniversary coins and the feather. Not...
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    IRL - Does anyone recommend EQ to new or younger players?

    I do not recommend people play EQ. Its not that the game is super hard or anything, however in comparison to any other games I have played, it has one hell of a learning curve. I haven't seen anyone actually new to the game really enjoy it in a long time. Anytime a buddy of mine talks someone...
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    Problem - AFK Fighting Reminder

    when im afk, my toons are doing nothing, sitting in a corner afk. i dont afk xp or kill or anything.
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    Problem - AFK Fighting Reminder

    i often box a full crew somewhere. i go afk quite often with my toons just hidden in some corner of a dungeon until i come back. people dont have to reply to ooc, i do most of the time when im around, because i enjoy talking to folks. i am new to the community here, but i have an idea. not sure...
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    Question - Autologin + wineq2?

    ok, good luck then edit : the plugin youre referring to that turns the screens black might be mq2eqwire (it stops all drawing on non front instances), or perhaps the eqviewport plugin, that minimizes the viewport to 1 pixel when not current screen.
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    Question - fresh new member with a couple questions before upgrading subscription

    you need level 2 for test server yes. cwtn and some other plugins are free to try out on the test server. a little about test server... i DO like the place, i play there and live. -if you enjoy the economic part of eq, that is 100% dead on test except for buying raid copies with krono or buying...
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    Discussion - UI

    My ui isnt pretty. its functional for me though, so... eh. One big driver for my UI ugly layout is that I box a lot of toons at times. I play them all on 1 screen stacked. I keep the layouts identical on them all so if my mouse is in my "defensive" region, I can click thru all my toons hitting...
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    Question - Autologin + wineq2?

    so, all in all, ToeJamSamy, I think what you are after is similar to how I play. I use wineq2 for custom eqclient.ini files (control the level of graphics and settings on each individual toon), and key assignments for quick window swapping. i use batch files to launch whatever team i want (and...
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    Question - Autologin + wineq2?

    in that case (for me, and i imagine most) i have zero concerns for that. being new, i am not sure what the password encryption is for. i messed around with a macro someone posted that had the ability to log out and in every character and account mq had profiles for. and i just dont know or have...
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    Question - Autologin + wineq2?

    quick update IT WORKS (ill end up trying some more later) 1st reference post 2nd reference post first off, quick update = i can double click my eqbat file (that i use to launch whatever team i want to run, many different ones) and it launches wineq characters and MQ fills in password, selects...
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    Question - Autologin + wineq2?

    i did a google search for use macroquest to launch wineq2 (i can often find things thru google a bit better then this sites search function). this post from 2017 is exactly what your looking for. and honestly, im gonna 100% give this a try...
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    Question - new user looking for some guidance

    almost positive i have that page... think its lost in the way too many pages i have bookmarked (so many interesting topics!). but the more i look at everything, the more i think im goin with muleassist, big thanks for pointing this page out to me! so many of you guys are doing really good work...
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    Question - new user looking for some guidance

    will take a look at that video. i know someone who is really really happy with the cwtn Eskay and cleric plugins you and Sic made. they do look really awesome. the one part that i might not like really though, is the pure level of control the script has. ive always had some giggles at the people...