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    Problem - aaspend

    Just in case it wasn't clear, "bank" makes aaspend wait until it has that many aa's to spend any. You can use /aaspend brute now to make it buy something immediately with what it has, if something is available. Brute now is also nifty to see if aaspend is having an issue. I noticed the...
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    Discussion - Necro Team.

    Thanks for posting this! i want to know as well. i have 3 Necros in their 50s i was dragging along but got bored.
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    Question - 70ish hunting spots

    @Huttwin You might be able to find people selling them for less than bazaar prices. The 5pp quote is probably stale, but i found it by asking around. I imagine you can find a better than 25pp price using auction or general.
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    Question - 70ish hunting spots

    I'm not sure how your gear is doing, but i would highly recommend grabbing the initial TBM vendor gear at 70. You don't need to have done any quests to get this initial equipment. It costs remnants of tranquility which you should be able to buy for 5pp each or so. <1000 per character needed.. so...
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    Question - 70ish hunting spots

    My crew at that level went to riftseekers sanctum. Everyone was 75 by the time I overextended and pulled too much. Ended up going to fortress mechanos after. That lasted until 85. it’s unorthodox but I like to use the zone guide feature (button on your map), sort by level, and pick a place. I...
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    News - New MMO from Amazon soon...

    I pre-ordered, researched, then cancelled my pre-order. Changing one of the core tenants just before launch seems like a recipe for disaster. I hope it turns out amazing though.