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  1. Knightly

    Question - When to build MQ for Test?

    Understood, we're working on that Live piece as well. Maybe a few more months out I think.
  2. Knightly

    Question - When to build MQ for Test?

    I don't play on Test, so I'm generally not building for Test. But RG usually doesn't lag far behind the upstream repo. You can find upstream here: https://github.com/macroquest/macroquest2
  3. Knightly

    Plugin - MQ2Camera

    It currently works in Next under the same code, so it's likely something in Live MQ that is the issue.
  4. Knightly

    Utility MQ2MoveUtils - Reverse Snaproll Left and Right

    Prior to this change, snaproll left would always take you to the right of the mob. Snaproll right would always take you to the left of the mob. This occurred regardless of your positioning to the mob so it can be assumed the intent was to be the reverse. This change follows the heading of the...
  5. Knightly

    Utility MQ2AutoForage - foraging is for the living

    No longer try and AutoForage while FD or Dead
  6. Knightly

    IRL - What is the basic minimum for boxing

    VeryVanilla has everything you need. KissAssist one of the macros that comes with VeryVanilla. There's a couple great getting started guides as well as Sic's video library that can help you get started. Most of the plugins are included with VeryVanilla, though some authors do charge for their...
  7. Knightly

    Plugin - MQ2Melee

    This might be the most polite and well researched bug report I've ever seen. Well done. But...you have the code, you have the fix, I think the only thing that's missing is for you to submit a pull request.
  8. Knightly

    Question - Crashes.

    If MQ2 is catching the crash, it's always at least EQ related. It might not be because of EQ (sound or video drivers come to mind) but it's always related to EQ. Usually MQ.
  9. Knightly

    IRL - A better sale in marketplace

    Yeah, I finally bought those pet renames I've been holding out on~
  10. Knightly

    Discussion - Organization of V.V. & Red Guides

    Custom UI, maps, and log readers aren't against the EULA -- technically, implied, or otherwise. Macroquest is 100% against the License agreement and called out (though not by name) in the current Terms of Service. They also didn't patch a server to allow IsBoxer, they removed the keypress and...
  11. Knightly

    Discussion - A hypothetical new hybrid class. (No rumors just my imagination)

    I've always thought of bard as an enchanter/rogue hybrid.
  12. Knightly

    Funny - No EverQuest - A horror story

    Built in Windows command mklink. It creates a symbolic link or a junction to a file or directory. It means that you can reference the file from either the symbolic location or the actual location. But everything points to a single file. In this case, the symlinks are in the EQ directory, but...
  13. Knightly

    Question - Custom UI integration

    I think that push is hardcoded. But you can change the location of it in mq2targetinfo.ini. Or turn it off.
  14. Knightly

    Question - Custom UI integration

    Most of the button configuration (for things that have configuration) are done through their respective ini. Once you know what you are looking for it's mostly trial and error.
  15. Knightly

    Plugin - MQ2Nav Release Thread

    Nav's UI is imgui, it's not part of the EQ UI, so /reloadui wouldn't do anything. If all else fails, you can open your MQ2Nav.ini and look at the settings.
  16. Knightly

    Funny - No EverQuest - A horror story

    I run MacroQuest out of One Drive. From the EQ folder, I symlink all of my ini files, (UI, Character, etc) my UI folders, my trader ini and my Advanced Loot filters back to Dropbox so they are automatically backed up.
  17. Knightly

    Plugin - MQ2DanNet

    That crash sounds like a firewall closing your socket. But for the one that isn't found, check /dnet interface
  18. Knightly

    IRL - turning 40 - midlife crisis!

    Half your age plus 7, but this is a thread on mid life crises and being skeevy is part and parcel. Poor guy dies at 70, though. I'm waiting until at least 70 to have my own mid life crisis, that way I live to be 140.
  19. Knightly

    Discussion - Post your IRL Setup

    You said morning, but there is no sun in that picture... I think you might be mistaken~
  20. Knightly

    Question - TLO list?

    TLO is a bit of a misnomer in the MQ world. It stands for Top Level Object, but it is actually used to describe TLOs, their members, and their methods. When you /echo ${Me.Name} the only part of that where "TLO" applies is "Me" and the TLO "Me" has a member called "Name" but we use the...