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    Discussion - Test patch notes.

    Ahh. I had to stop mid quest to take a conference call and came back to disconnected. Guess I’ll finish this anniversary quests for new bots in a few days. Hopefully not hard to patch VV again.
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    Discussion - Test patch notes.

    Hmm Test down for scheduled maintenance again this week? They just making this up now ?
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    Plugin - MQ2TargetInfo

    What SIC said. The biggest thing is clearing target and then reclicking mimic me. It tends to work then.
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    Question - Another SK or Warrior thread

    I have all 3. Overall SK is the most consistent and strongest in group (even in raid gear) due to epic. Pally dpS on undead is well outright rediculous almost ber level. And then war is rediculous for how long you can run various defensives. Because SK can self heal though he more or less...
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    IRL - 6th groupmember

    This plus are you getting to COV content as an end goal? If so I'd swap for necro with such a caster heavy group. Or another mage and you can fire alliance with twincast.
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    Question - Shield Question

    So if the golems exploding killed you as an FYI you click the orb in the middle and then have to open chest to stop them from exploding. IF you are on the edge as much as it sounds you want to be super quick on that - that or run the team out of the middle after Vulak dies until the end.
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    Question - Shield Question

    Vulak is second easiest mission. You can med in between dragons except the 4th one you have ot engage quick Vulak. So could be a source of ore for you/
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    Question - Shield Question

    It’s an interesting point 2H dps on tank feels broken these days. If you can survive (easy on SK in particular) just feels broken for how much dps they put out.
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    Question - Shield Question

    Only shields will deliver ac outside softcap so that’s why it’s so important. Also I forget the difference but the Ice Encrusted tower Shield is more AC then COV T3 so if you can get your hands on it that’s still best in slot group tank shield.
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    Question - Ores!

    I second this as this mission isn’t difficult just annoying. After that even though you’ll die a lot at first Ary is the next easiest. You have to figure out mechanics but overall it’s easier than crusaders.
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    Question - Zerker or Rogue

    Yep talking about entirely different games. I also boxed manually 6 box back then (ran mages / wizzies for dps). Like you no issue boxing all group content was a lot easier back then even in group gear. Most groupers hated TBL / COV missions (I love them).
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    Question - Zerker or Rogue

    guess it depends on what type of dps you are running. Lots of people struggle to complete though because of a bad round or something happens. I know even with t2 tov raid gear I’ve had an unlucky round kil by rogue/ber. Killing it faster means less chances for it to happen - having a longer...
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    Question - Zerker or Rogue

    Actually ignoring the mechanics and burning Is exactl the easy way to run this mission. So I don’t quite get this comment. The last time i had to pay attention to mechanics was Icebound and even then the mechanic is to swap to the adds Not do anything nuts. DPS solves almost all issues these days.
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    Question - Zerker or Rogue

    The parses I asked for are some of the highest HP mobs and toughest group fights in current content. 2-4 minutes? What level are you at? I can’t remember last time I had a fight over a minute. Hell even a slow group I still average 120 kills or so an hour...
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    Question - Zerker or Rogue

    Interesting. I need to level up a beast which I’ll try on my recruit a friend account. Looking at this parse you’ve convinced me synergy of beast with 2 ber is better than 3 ber. I can hit 1.3 Or so but 1.8 is ridiculous. Appreciate the posts And I knew you had posted it I was just calling out...
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    Question - Zerker or Rogue

    So when automatically running these classes it 100% depends on your setup and what you are using. Bard, cleric, shaman are all super easy to run with KA or RGmercs (not enough testing with CWTN yet). I run KA on my ber/rogue/monk when powerleveling but when I box for real I only use MQ2 for...
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    Question - Looking for a better UI, map, and help with placement on bars

    Well what's sadder is I've only been back since November (had 18 110 then). The thing is it's super easy to powerlevel and I play on test so gear is easy. I've been testing out a lot of new character combos. I primarily go with my ber/rogue team these days but I play monk/necro team a lot as well.
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    Question - 6 box

    Depends on era. Modern era they suck comparted to rogue/ber and even monks beat them; although I run gold on all my accounts. Honestly only caster dps any good anymore is necro at moment. Ber/Rogue top and monk not too far behind (with necro on average although necro on big hp mobs is top dps).
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    Question - Debate on weapons

    Not true. If you play with a bard and beast 2HB is better. For TOV t2 raid weapons even without those classes the 2hb parses higher.
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    Question - Cleric vs Shaman (group content)

    Yep it’s not to say monks are bad dps thoguh. From what I can tell for overall dps from my various box teams you have this: 1) Rogue/Ber 2) Monk/necro (necro over up on big fights lithat zlandi 3) All other dps except WIz. 4) pets ............................... Last) broken wizzies