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    Discussion - Changes to Invis on test

    Not sure if anyone is aware. but apparently there has been changes made to invis on test that no longer allows the stacking of invis and invis vs undead. I looked but couldnt see anything in the recent patch notes, though i may have missed it.
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    Question - Baz Macro

    Hello all. Is there a macro to automatically purchase things from a trader ?. i ask because i set a trader up and in less then a second a toon started buying certain things even items i just added on.
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    Patch - Auto-grant AA

    I haven't seen this posted. Auto-grant AA has been increased even tho TDS hasn't been unlocked for FTP.
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    Question - meaning of 8/8

    ive recently moved from test to a live server and without much of an economy on test im stumped as to the meaning of what 8/8 means when people are selling items, must admit i feel a bit dumb having to ask.
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    News - Rare Spawn and Increased Faction

    Rare spawns and increased faction is up on test so should be up on live or will be shortly. as an added discussion what if anything will you be hunting with increased rare spawns ?
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    Problem - Melee characters losing sync

    Forgive me not entirely sure where to post this. my tank character are losing sync with the rest of my groups, and its only the tanks doing it. all characters are running the latest kissassist and i play on the test server, haven't made any changes to ini's. i am currently reinstalling...
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    Unseen Hand

    Was wondering if anyone else has encountered and been killed by an Unseen Hand. have had it happen a couple of times this week in Ethernere Tainted West Karana.
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    Question - Missing Spells

    I have an issue were my SK is missing all spells from level 101 to 104, cant buy and scribe new ones as it says i already have them and using briny essence doesnt do anything as i have already scribed rk. II spells, im really stumped. any suggestions would be appreciated.