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  1. dannuic

    Discussion - The earliest bug or exploit you remember

    You can still do that. It's considered an active hack though (It's effectively a warp).
  2. dannuic

    Discussion - The earliest bug or exploit you remember

    My first exploit ever was editing the buff effects on my druid so that I could give myself lev and sow with clicky buffs so I could quad kite without needing to stop and buff ever. It was super easy to do, I did it in cheatengine (this was well before mq2 or even mq).
  3. dannuic

    Guide - Logrotate for EverQuest, Very Vanilla and everything else on Windows 10

    hot. Now to just run spark jobs on the logs to catalog and index all your EQ history!
  4. dannuic

    Question - When to build MQ for Test?

    This is the exact question I have been asking ever since the ability to build for live was taken away from us.
  5. dannuic

    Patch - Test server is coming down for a patch.

    autologin fixed it for you lol
  6. dannuic

    Question - Wizard DPS

    sounds like you are finally playing the shammy right. shaman power
  7. dannuic

    IRL - New World

    7 years in development for a large scale MMO is honestly just about right, but Pantheon has kind of mismanaged everything. They announced way too early, and kind of just -- roll with the community? It's super weird and it just means you get a lot of anticipation burnout. Poor planning; they...
  8. dannuic

    IRL - New World

    I thought new world died because Amazon failed to understand what it takes to make a game
  9. dannuic

    IRL - New World

    I, for one, will be cheating there, too
  10. dannuic

    Question - Ingame command to toggle aa exp?

    if you don't want to type it all the way out, /alt works as well, ie: /alt on 100
  11. dannuic

    IRL - Parsec, remote desktop

    This reminds me of splashtop
  12. dannuic

    Question - Map causes text to be invisible

    MySEQ is a good way to get around the draw limit of EQ, the only issue with that is that you can't click to target on the map.
  13. dannuic

    Plugin - MQ2DanNet

    If /dnet info shows you the peers, then the macro is not detecting them; dannet appears to be functioning. I would ask the macro maintainer what they are doing to detect dannet peers and make sure your dannet settings match what they expect.
  14. dannuic

    Tip - Double invis without a bard

    this works with a lot of classes. You just need to have one class whose invis has a small cast time for it to work every time (two instacast can potentially lead to server latency issues where you cast after the other one lands). I use necro for ivu and shaman for invis, but there are so many...
  15. dannuic

    Question - 4th Box

    kind of. The exp formula works out such that the exp per kill is the exact same for 5 or 6 players, so 5 players + merc is the same exp per kill as 6 players. However, if the merc is making you kill slower than 6 accounts, then of course you get more per time unit. So, use that when deciding how...
  16. dannuic

    Question - Find item on more than one toon?

    ahh so you did. I just though that was a part of your signature line for some reason
  17. dannuic

    Question - Find item on more than one toon?

    You can do the same with ${FindItem} and ${FindItemCount}. ie: /noparse /dgae /dgt ${FindItem[bone chips]}
  18. dannuic

    Question - Noob Alert...

    I don't drive my tank, I drive my shaman or my necro usually. The tank is mostly uninteresting, I think.
  19. dannuic

    H.U.D. - Updated melee/spell filtering system

    yeah, EQ as a game is mostly hotbar management. Usually run about 10 bars of junk.
  20. dannuic

    H.U.D. - Updated melee/spell filtering system

    The AA overhaul was really nice, IMO. It consolidated a lot.