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    Combat Assist Complete Heal Chain - 3.3 - Priority for CH over other casts

    Added sanity check to prioritize casting Complete Heal over other casts when it's a cleric's turn in the rotation. The cleric will now interrupt the current spell, and instantly cast complete heal. If for some reason there is lag, the other sanity checks will still fire (spell not ready, mana...
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    Combat Assist Complete Heal Chain - v3.2 - bug fix

    Fixed a bug where the following command would sometimes fail /rs TANKSWAP: tankname
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    Combat Assist Complete Heal Chain 3.3

    Very simple and effective CH rotation macro that I developed to allow a few friends to group up clerics across different computers and run them together without worry. How to use: 1. Open the macro and edit the following lines (easier if you preset it). Both lines are at the top of the macro...
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    Contest End Of Winter Contest!

    One more just because these stories are awesome to read. I quit EQ after a few years of playing and came back for the first iteration of the Progression servers. I rolled a wizard and decided I was going to make bank off selling banded gear. So I farmed the crap out of Lavastorm for ore and...
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    Contest End Of Winter Contest!

    Another great story from my humble first few days in EQ. My uncle (once again) told me to take the boat from Butcherblock to Freeport. He said it was super easy and all I had to do was sit there. Being a lvl 6 enchanter, i stumbled my way through the Faydark forest, into Butcherblock and...
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    Contest End Of Winter Contest!

    The first night I got the game, I was super excited to try out both the Necromancer and Enchanter class. My uncle, who had been playing for a few months, had a 40(ish) level druid and I decided to roll a High elf enchanter. I started my journey into Greater Faydark and he told me that all I...
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    Request - Add zone a check to the moveto command

    Try /noparse /if (${Spawn[PC BadAzzTank].ID}) /moveto loc ${Me.Y} ${Me.X}
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    Contest Last Redguides Contest of 2017!

    The most memorable to me for 2017 MQ2... When EQMule had to take down MQ2 source and the future of MQ2 was up in the air for pretty much everyone. Was a wild ride that ended up with a pretty cool new way to build the code and made things safer for us all!
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    Plugin - MQ2Nav Release Thread

    Or make it part of the ini file. I've rebuilt mq2nav in the past and hardcoded it to the value I want, but would be nice to edit this on the fly.
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    Bans - Your account has been banned...

    Can confirm via CS that the 2FA service is down. So everyone waiting to get access back to their toons has to now wait on their servers to come back online...
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    Request - MQ2Nav Beta by Brainiac and Donation Kick Starter.

    A small request I have is to be able to set the door toggle distance and have it save in the ini. I have downloaded the source and manually set the toggle distance lower than 20 (the default) but would be nice to have a saved version so I do not have to build/redo the source myself each time.
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    Plugin - MQ2Nav Release Thread

    Stumbled on a crash with MQ2Nav: If you are in the process of pathing to a NPC or Location (following the line) and use the /exit command it will exit you out of the game properly. However, when you log back in and try to use /nav again it will cause the client to crash. The only way to get...
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    Request - MQ2Nav Beta by Brainiac and Donation Kick Starter.

    Not sure if I missed this, but was the door problem ever resolved? Where MQ2Nav just keeps running at a door along a path without ever opening it
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    News - MQ2 Truebox removed, back to normal on Phinigel / Quarm

    Google the following: Mouse without borders Input Director Synergy There are many different programs out there that work to allow you to send mouse/keyboard clicks to other PCs. The difference is that they do not allow you to hook into the EQ game like EQBC did. If you were using EQBC to...
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    Request - MQ2Nav Beta by Brainiac and Donation Kick Starter.

    Is there any chance of getting the "attempt to get unstuck" feature added to an ini so that it can always be turned on? Nav seems to fail opening doors 95% of the time and the only way around this is to use the unstuck feature but having to turn it on every time you log in is annoying =/
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    News - An addon system for Phinigel & Quarm

    Not sure about Quarm but there are quite a few AFK box groups popping up all around Phinny. Seen them in Lavastorm, Sol A, Trak Teeth (was a group of 5 mages killing 7 ghost spawns), PoHate. I 100% believe EQBC is the culprit here. People who wanted to box on Phin found ways through other...
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    News - An addon system for Phinigel & Quarm

    I definitely agree that 6+ subs is better for DBG due the the total revenue income, but piggybacking on a few others; the main reason I left Ragefire was because of the boxers. On Phin, when trying kill something with a small group (yes I manually boxed 3 toons on Phin) I never had to worry...
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    Question - Chat text highlighting

    The issue isn't about being able to filter, but being able to show it all for parsing. I have a window that is Only for my dots, but it picks up others as well because it is not set to filter out other peoples dots.
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    Question - Chat text highlighting

    I was wondering if there's anyway with MQ to highlight text chat in EQ ? Specifically responding to takes xxx damage from YOUR dot/dd/etc. Melee is easy to split but I've always had issues with being able to both Parse and see my own dots, this is quite possibly me just being a noob though !
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    Tech - Problems with MQ2Hud/XPTracker

    Setting up the Mq2hud.ini file must be what I was missing. Mq2dps did seem to work as recently as two weeks ago, did that change ?