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    Plugin - MQ2EQWire

    Ok exited mq2, deleted the file from folder, hit reinstall in launch pad and now its working. thanks sic
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    Plugin - MQ2EQWire

    I downloaded the file from here and copied it into the test folder. how do i get the launcher to download eqwire, typically doesn't go grab it when launcher updates
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    Plugin - MQ2EQWire

    Been using eqwire for awhile now on live. this morning i tried logging into test and when i hit /plugin mq2eqwire i got the following error. any ideas?
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    IRL - How much do you get to play?

    Like many of you I am working from home with covid so keep EQ on in the background. Outside of that I have 2 under 5 so my only play time is after they go to bed. I have it worked out with my wife that she puts the kids to bed 3 days a week so I can get on an hour early to raid and I take them...
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    Question - Hooked on boxing...

    Wine quest is good to low teens if you have spare plat
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    Guide - KissAssist Instructions & Settings Info

    not sure how it happened but it looks like all the aliases for commands got erased. /chase on, /dpson etc. is there a way to rewrite that without doing setting them all ingame?
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    Question - kissassist and rizlona?

    They walked it back. No longer POP locked.