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    Plugin - MQ2BardSwap

    So I have noticed that everybody has singing disabled in their ini's. Does the singing not work? I tried to use it with the INI I posted it will not switch to the bard epic. I even tried the number format as you can see. [Settings] Horn=/exchange "Denon's Horn of Disaster" offhand...
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    Plugin - MQ2BardSwap

    Bardswap: action: /multiline ; /bardswap ; /bardswap melee condition: "!${BardSwap.Swapping}" I use that in mq2react and it works like a charm.
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    Plugin - MQ2TargetInfo

    I changed my ini to read below. When I click the follow me key it does make any toon in the zone follow that person with no problems. The issue is when I click it again to turn off the follow me it only turns off for the group. Is there is way to change that or it is a hard coded thing...
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    Plugin - MQ2Events

    Trying to make an event for this DoT. I want to keep track if the mob is resisting it and he is just chain casting it on a boss that it will never land. Below is what i have but i cant get it to make it work or find an example. Any help would be great thanks. [Drone]...