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    Request - 6 Months of Level 2 access please

    I just bought 6 months of L2 access, thanks a lot boss!
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    Problem - Item disappear when bandolier, and can only be solve after zone.

    I'm having this weird bug right now. I'm using /bandolier to activate my range throw/bow item for pulling, and after couple hours, my tank range item(which is higher AC item I prefer to bandolier back when I'm actually melee combating ) and even shield will disappear eventually. And once I...
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    Request - 3 Months of Level 2 access please

    As title says, just purchased 3 month lv2 access with redcents, please approve this, big thanks to the admins!! KA
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    Request - Level 2 access please

    I purchased 3 months level2 with redcents. Thanks
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    Request - Level 2 access please

    Just bought another month for level 2 access, thanks ~
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    105 Warrior MAX AA Full EOK T2

    105 Warrior, Transferable to any other Live Server. Max AA of EOK, did NOT have ROS expansion. Full EOK T2. Couple TBM/EOK progression but not much. Have decent augs and filled all type5 augs. Did UNLOCKED some TBM raids and have quite a few TBM raid currency (enough to buy a tank shield...
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    Request - Level 2 access please

    Redbot, sub me one more month please, ty boss
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    Problem - Weird Undefined Variable, no such a variable been ever used/claimed in any macros/inc

    ChatWithThisName PeteSampras william12 Redbot Here is a problem I found in my own macro, However, the weird situation is: 1. Somehow it did not always appear, it only happened when I just zoned into the instance, and every time it showed the exactly same information, aka same line on the...
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    Request - One Month Level 2 access please

    Redbot, sub me one month please, ty boss
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    Request - Access

    I've purchased level 2 access by redcents, could i get access please?
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    How is Rogue's DPS in EOK?

    We've known that Zerker is Godly dps in Eok and Warrior also get boosted a lot in this expansion...Monks still eat dust for sure So how is Rogue's dps, compare to zerker/wizard/warrior..? I have a rogue atm, just dunno it worth to active playing etc.. Discuss and thanks
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    WTS EOK Chase loots, Update daily.-(Discount Bundle Sales!)

    Selling the following Chase loots of EOK, will update daily. All my items have to be picked on my server(PM me for the server info) Discount for bulk deal, PM for details. 1. Rogue's Golden Mask $20 http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=126354 2. Skyripper (mnk/bst h2h)...
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    WTS - Shark's Tooth Club-Eok rare 1hb

    EoK chase loot: 1hb for Mnk/Bst, 184/20, 5740 hp..Check the pics. $250 including xfer fee, yes, I will deliver it to your server (any live). Pm here, thanks.
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    WTB Ragefire/LockJaw Epic Mag/Brd/Mnk/Rog

    As title says, I'm looking for more forces to join my army. Hence I'm looking for the following classes of Ragefire or Lockjaw(I will transfer the toon to Ragefire anyway): 1. Epic Mag 2. Epic Bard 3. Epic Monk 4. Epic Rogue I can pay kronos or Paypal cash. Epic is a must, prefer SQA not been...
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    Sceptre of Destruction aka SoD-- Ragefire

    Selling the legendary SoD (Sceptre of Destruction) on Ragefire Server. Looking for Paypal Family and Friends Cash. PM here with your offers please. I have Tapatalk in me cell so usually I read and deliver very fast. Thanks Currently have one left!! PM me!