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    Question - MQ2 Navigation Not Working

    I've used it plenty of times for years but suddenly when I try to load the plugin it doesn't load.. I even tried a fresh clean installation with the update tool to ensure everything was up to date, it errors out with some references top advanced loot or something like that It just refuses to...
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    Question - Camp on Death

    How do you make "camp on death" to /exit instead of /camp? I noticed that your res timer continues while you're at the character select screen when you camp after you die, so even if you camp if your late after 3 hours you cant res your body So I want to change it from /camp on death to /exit on...
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    Question - Monk & Mend

    How do you enable Mend on the monk in kiss assist? It's a combat ability, so I enabled heals for my monk (made it 1) and under the Heals1= I put Heal1=Mend|30|Me Kisscheck says it doesn't find combat abilities, AA or skill/spells of such name, but it is actually a combat ability, so why doesn't...
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    Question - MQ2EQBC

    Ok so I ran the EQBC.exe and did /bccmd connect and it connected successfully, now what application do I use on my iPhone to connect to this and monitor messages, and for example, respond to tells or CC/Camp check calls, so that it doesn't see like nobody is at the keyboard? the installation...
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    Question - 2 Computers, 6 Chars on Each PC

    I have 2 computers, each computer has its own everquest installed, and its own MQ2 installed, and has 6 chars running on each PC - total of 2 PCs running 6 chars each (12 chars in total) all playing/botting in the same area near eachother. Only one group has an enchanter, under her buffs, I put...
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    Question - MQ2EQBC Installation

    So I installed the newest version of Kiss Assist / MQ2 061815 I've used EQBC before, and instructions stipulate that you need to run the EQBCS.exe server file on the background, so your plugin can actually connect - but for some reason, I don't see EQBCS in the MQ2 folder anywhere, the...
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    Question - Pulling Level Limits Question

    Is there a way to limit the level range of mobs to pull? I have my level 25 character trying to pull level 5 mobs, I want to make it so he only pulls level 15-30 mobs, ta one time he even tried to pull a lvl 50 guard to my lvl 25 group lol pelase advise
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    Tech - Ragefire Issues / Incompatibility :(

    is macroquest / kissassist ever going to be fully functional on Ragefire like it is on all other servers? :( I hope so, any admins / programmers can advise please? I love Ragefire, and MQ2- rage has brought me and a lot of other player who miss then game back, I hope you guys plan to fix the...
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    Question - Issue

    I've been botting on the new progressive servers, and I have a 6 player group roughly level 5-6 on all and im having a problem - they hunt a little bit then after some time of me not paying attention, I'll come back to a screen seeing one of my characters being attacked by a decaying skeleton...
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    Question - KISSASSIST Spell Commands / HELP! =]

    I've noticed there are plenty commands for spells, but i can't find a list of them anywhere that explains what you enter for a command, and what each command does? For example: Buff1=Courage|ME <-- etc, |command <--- all commands and options you can add to Buffs, DPS skills and spells, and...
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    Question - Buffs Constantly Recasting & Wasting Mana

    My Cleric is constantly casting buffs that are getting "Does not take hold" because either a higher level buff was already cast by a passing player, or my mercenary. However, instead of realizing it's not going through and stoping for X amount of time (Or preferably being smart enough to...
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    Question - EQ Expansion / KissASsist

    When the most recent expansion came out, I found myself getting raped in the grounds on level 100 characters, I'd usually use 3-4 chars with 2-3 J5 Mercs with chars that were decently geared and one char that maybe wasn't so well geared. Either way, it was almost never that I would die in the...
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    Question - EverQuest 'No Longer Responding' Freezing

    I don't understand what's happening, I bot 4 chars on one computer, and I'll come back to 2 characters out of 4 being "frozen" and eq.exe "no longer responding" in task manager, requiring me to exit/kill the task and reopen the game and log back on - it seems to be the same two characters, I'm...
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    Question - [MQ2] I am confused because i'm in the same zone as my campfire. I need an audit.

    What does this mean? "[MQ2] I am confused because i'm in the same zone as my campfire. I need an audit."
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    Question - Random Crashing with MQ2

    My character is randomly crashing (MacroQuest pops up and says it blocked sony crash report for my security) I tried /load default 1 and it didn't help I thought it was UI related, but then I tried running a fresh install of macroquest on 3 different computers, one is on Windows 7, the other...
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    Tech - 0820 MQ2 issues for me :/

    I've been stuck with a broken edition of kissassist ever since the newest 0820 release, and my characters can't bot they just keep dieing.. Masoki is looking into this for me but he mentioned possibly reverting back to my old kisssasist version so i could at least function and lvl without issues...
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    Question - Moving & Attacking

    Moving Melee DPS Question (KISSASSIST is off, MQ2/KA is loaded though) When I turn my auto attack on, it will sometimes follow my target and DPS it, even if it moves away, it will follow it and continue DPSing Sometimes however, it wont follow the target at all, and its driving me crazy as to...
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    Question - Incorrect Version

    Seems like they did a little quick mini patch to fix something and this interrupted the version of Kissassist and disabled MQ2/KA I'm sure the admins are aware, and are likely waiting for mq2 to update their side fest - just wanted to inform everyone incase somenyone
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    Question - MQ2 EQBC

    I need help I've got EQBC to connect to a singular server, I run 3 laptops, and 4 chars on each laptop. All on different internet IP addresses (I have 6 cable connections at home, separately) they all auto connect to the one running mq2eqbc.exe and my android connects to it as well. Works fine...
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    Question - SUSPENDED?Saved by the bladder DramaSuspenc

    lol @ subject So I've been botting about 10 accounts at once in the same zone for the last year or so? 24/7 in most cases, with maybe a week break twice in the last 12 months? I was even stupid enough to take them to the same zone, in the same guild, covering 3 different camping spots in the...