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  1. woobs

    Plugin - MQ2FeedMe

    It won't consume if you are Casting (except for the Bard, which can do both at the same time).
  2. woobs

    Plugin - MQ2FeedMe

    I thought that also. Which is why I checked the code and found that, for the Bard, casting shouldn't interfere.
  3. woobs

    Plugin - MQ2FeedMe

    I have a local version where I removed most of the old checks that prevented you from consuming. Looking at the VV version, these all have to be true to consume: // nothing on cursor // not casting (unless bard) // not using abilities // not looking at the spell book // not...
  4. woobs

    Combat Assist ModBot.mac - ModBot Version 5.11

    2020-10-11 Rev 5.11 - woobs - Fixed Buff target range checks when using SpellIcon. - Fixed display of Buff messages on group buffs when one or more targets do not take hold. - Fixed typo in buff announcements.
  5. woobs

    Combat Assist ModBot.mac - ModBot version 5.10

    2020-09-29 Rev 5.10 - woobs - Version 5.10 contains some changes that require modifications to your ini (if you are using any of these modified features). While I try to keep things backwards-compatible, some items have been deprecated, etc. - Charm Changes -- PetCast entry has been removed. --...
  6. woobs

    Combat Assist ModBot.mac - ModBot version 5.02

    2020-06-22 Rev 5.02 - woobs - Added support to help handle the EQ "stuck gems" issue. -- Sometimes the spell gems will get stuck in a forever greyed-out state. Casting an altability that has a cast time will unstick it. -- DoStuckGems=TRUE/FALSE to turn this functionality on/off. --...
  7. woobs

    Question - ModBots - Questions - Probably many more coming

    The wiki might be wrong. Try Charm 5 0, instead of 3. It looks like it is the Gem#, not the Spell#. Also, make sure DoPet=TRUE. Maybe someone else here who uses charm can point out the issue. I have bee working on a few modbot fixes and additions, like handling of the damn stuck gems. I am...
  8. woobs

    Question - ModBots - Questions - Probably many more coming

    Can you elaborate on the charming issue? If so, I can take a look at the macro for you. I don't use the Charm section a lot, so it possibly needs some tweaking. PM me if you like.
  9. woobs

    Patch - Free XP

    Oh come on. Were they legit corpses/rezzes? Or were these corpses that you had already rezzed and reappeared due to a bug? It sounds like the latter, from what I understand. If so, then you know damn well that you weren't supposed to get the 'extra' exp. You want to take advantage of a bug...
  10. woobs

    Patch - Free XP

    Sounds like an exploit and something that will make them do a rollback, so I'd stay away from it.
  11. woobs

    Patch - Patch - Test Update 02/26/2020 - Patch Notes and Discussions

    Same here. I thought XP was XP, and it was simply divided between Normal and AA based on your percentage slider?
  12. woobs

    Toast - We welcome...

    @Redbot Congratulations :)
  13. woobs

    Question - New Named algorithm

    I was wondering about people's experiences with/without the NewNamed checking algorithm from about a year ago. Do you find it better/worse/same? With all the mobs in KD that look like 'named', but are not, I was thinking of turning this on. Dec 19 2018 by SwiftyMUSE - Added new .Named...
  14. woobs

    Combat Assist ModBot.mac - ModBot v5.01

    2019-12-10 Rev 5.01 - woobs - Further enhancements to spell resist/take hold/etc on Debuffs. This includes handling the new MQ2Cast message triggers for Blocked (TakeHold). - Improved Priority Debuff handling to better react to adds in camp in certain situations. - Fixed an issue with Debuff...
  15. woobs

    Combat Assist ModBot.mac - ModBot Version 5.00

    2019-10-31 Rev 5.00 - woobs - Version 5 is live! I have started going through all the sections of the macro, making many changes and improvements. There is much more to do, but the following is enough for the official 5.00. - DPS (AD Section) -- You should notice a very good boost in DPS...
  16. woobs

    Krono - Krono for RedCents (Redcent Shop)

    Is this only available on Vox server (I see this in the 'Configure' text box)?
  17. woobs

    Question - Experience Bonuses - what is max total cap - anyone know ?

    There is a cap on how much exp you can earn from a kill, though. If all going to AA, you can't earn more than 5AA (at least this seems to be what I have observed). For instance, if I am killing in Fight Fire and I am using up Fellowship Vitality, adding the Double exp bonus maxes me out at 5AA...
  18. woobs

    Combat Assist ModBot.mac - ModBot Version 4.55

    2019-08-07 Rev 4.55 - woobs - Added new Pet Toys handling. Now you can have your mage summon and distribute toys when requested. -- Added the following ini settings that are only valid on a Mage: DoPetToys, PetToys1,2,3,4,5 -- The 5 PetToys[x] entries consist of...
  19. woobs

    Utility MQ2NetBots - major fixes and rewrite

    changelog to come, thank you woobs for the work
  20. woobs

    Question - Pressing Z with MQ2melee loaded makes me attack stuff

    Optional Global INI File MQ2Melee also has 3 global (not character specific) parameters that can be set in a second, optional INI file. MQ2Melee uses default values for these parameters unless it finds a file named MQ2Melee.ini that you created in the same directory. Here is an example of a...