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  1. morlucius

    Question - Conditions?

    I would say for taking ones Ini file and making it my own I have done a great job. Now as far as a tank goes ( SK ) they have many deff abilities they get from melee tombs. What i am trying to do is say 2 mob pull i use these 2 def abilities, if 3 mobs i use these 2, and so on. I been using...
  2. morlucius

    Question - Pulling file

    what file do I use to put NPC or mobs on the do not pull list
  3. morlucius

    Question - Melee DPS - Casters

    One issue i am having is that my melee ( mnk, zer, bard ) seem to attack early before i have the mobs at camp. Is there a way to correct this in my INI's. Last sort goes with the first one is there a way that we can also have them return to Spot after kill. Seems like after a bit my melee get...
  4. morlucius

    Toast - Ini Works

    Sorry it took me a bit to post this but it was one heck of a weekend with my father recently passing. But thanks everyone for the ini help. In the end the ini files were fine it was actually the fact i didnt have spell gems that was getting in my way os slaughter. I am back up and running and...
  5. morlucius

    Question - InI help

    So it has been a few since i have used Ini's. I noticed in our library that there are not to many RoS files. I am running a SK, Cleric, Monk, Zerker, Mag, and a Bard. If anyone knows of any good RoS ones for my toons I would appreciate it. If no one has any would it be better to build from a...
  6. morlucius

    Toast - Life is Good

    While it may be sad news to hear that after many years is being sick in general my father passed yesterday to lung cancer. Long story short, it was not so much the cancer in the end that got him. He has had COPD for years, and about 10 years ago a kidney transplant due to a auto immune...
  7. morlucius

    Toast - Back from a Break

    Just wanted to pop in and say hi again after a long break. It may have taken a few but i finally got myself into a bigger place and spent a good portion of my summer putting together an indoor garden so that I may grow my medical marijuana all year round. I may still have a few things to set up...
  8. morlucius

    Toast - Happy New Years

    Happy New Years eveyone, I know it is not exactly 2020 yet, but now is the best time to say it. Make sure to have a safe night since it is the party night of the year
  9. morlucius

    Toast - Love The Snow

    As a web designer I must say the snow falling on the site is one of the neatest things I have seen done for the Christmas season good job guys.. Was something I never even though of
  10. morlucius

    Question - SK Ini Help

    Ok so like I have done my best to look over the Ini that i downloaded.. For the life of me I cannot find were harm Touch is being used, and would rather have this as part of my burn.. But the only place that Harm Touch can be found is in my burn section but no matter what it goes off once it is...
  11. morlucius

    Toast - Epics

    You know there are some that are just way worth getting still right. Now when it comes to Cleric for the love of god DB can we please fix some of the spawns... Still to this day for me is one of the worse epics to do. Epics Worth Getting 2.0 Zerker SK Cleric Bard Shaman Necro 1.0 Cleric is...
  12. morlucius

    Question - Log In Profiles

    So we can create profiles to log characters in, once the profile is created how can we delete these profiles to make a new one and take it off the list.. Tried looking in everything from right clicking the icon but can find anything but create or log in
  13. morlucius

    Question - INI Questions

    S can someone explain to me what the difference is between a condition and a Holy.. As a coder i get condition its like a rule in order to do a certain ability.. But when it come to Holy i am just baffled
  14. morlucius

    Question - INI Question

    So when making an INI for say DPS, burns, or something that uses an aa ability.. Do we need to make a hot key in order for it to work, or does it fire without having to create the hot key
  15. morlucius

    Strategy - 6th box

    Soon to be set up still leveling but have SK, Bard, Shaman, Monk, and a Mag. I am leaning towards a zerker or bring in a wiz. Any other ides on a good 6th for this set up
  16. morlucius

    Toast - Thank You

    Just wanted to take a few moments to say thank you to not only the members of redguides but also the creators. Not only have I found a lot of useful information to the questions that I have had both about the game and technical stuff that dont have anything to do with the game. I also have found...
  17. morlucius

    Question - SK Augs

    So most INI files that I see for an SK is to have them be a straight up tank.. So should we stack Dex augs and keep the SK a grp SK? Should we go full on SK raid tank and stack agi?
  18. morlucius

    Question - Maps Settings

    Is there a way without having to get rid of labels to disable what ever is tracking the mobs on a map.. is it mqnav or mqpath that does it