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  1. woobs

    Question - New Named algorithm

    I was wondering about people's experiences with/without the NewNamed checking algorithm from about a year ago. Do you find it better/worse/same? With all the mobs in KD that look like 'named', but are not, I was thinking of turning this on. Dec 19 2018 by SwiftyMUSE - Added new .Named...
  2. woobs

    Problem - Macro Parsing issue with latest build

    With the latest build, String.Count is not working properly when asking to count braces in a string. For instance, String AA=123{45}6. /echo ${AA.Count[{]} should give 1. But it simply echos back: ${AA.Count[{]} . For the right brace, /echo ${AA.Count[}]} should also give 1, but it gives...