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  1. vsab

    Any Decent Halloween Quests?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any Halloween quests that might be available now, that aren't just "fluff"?
  2. vsab

    News - Dungeons & Dragons stream for charity on now..

    Get a bunch of comedians to play D&D on a live stream for charity. What could go wrong? https://m.twitch.tv/dnd Note: the language is definitely R rated, not for kids!
  3. vsab

    Toast - NON-MQ2 5 boxing

    So I know this is slightly OT, but I've looked at this guy's video's before and been really impressed at how well he boxes without using MQ2 (he uses ISBoxer). No other reason to post this really, than I thought this was super interesting. Not sure why he hasn't added a sixth, really...
  4. vsab

    News - Strikethrough changes in ToV

    From Ngreth at https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php?threads/locked-out-zones-tov.261105/page-3 :-
  5. vsab

    Tip - Viewing your Everquest boxes remotely with Chrome Remote Desktop

    So, sometimes you need to be away from your boxes. Taking a bathroom break, going to work, watching TV whilst telling your SO you're "doing really important work for a meeting tomorrow". Of course you never AFK play (very naughty), but sometimes you hit that "Combine All" on a tradeskill...
  6. vsab

    News - TBL expansion now half price!

    TBL is now half price, so now is a good time to get it if you still need in preparation of the next expansion! https://www.everquest.com/expansion-content
  7. vsab

    Question - Alert when chase loot is looted?

    I currently use MQ2Autoloot and it's fantastic since I basically don't think about it- but every now and then I get surprised and find some uber useful item in my inventory that I had missed in the general spam of EQ chat windows. For example, I found some EoK chase loot that's a huge upgrade...
  8. vsab

    Discussion - AC you read in posts is all wrong.... (gotcha for returning players)

    So I've been struggling with the AC on my shadowknight. Reading posts on forums suggests my AC should be about 10k, yet it's only 3.5k or so in game, even though I have relatively decent AC augs in my castaway gear. Then I checked my Magelo, and it reported 9k ish... got me confused for a...
  9. vsab

    Question - Power Source farming

    Looking for info/guides on where to farm power sources for my 105 group (no TBL, EOK is my max expansion). Mostly castaway visible gear, mostly 1k AA except SK which is gold/autogrant. When I last played power sources were mostly player made, so I'm behind the times.
  10. vsab

    H.U.D. - Windowed mode resize issue (no WinEQ or ISBoxer)

    I have a 1680 x 1050 monitor and launch my toons with MQ2Autologin. This is generally a great option as I tend to launch individuals, or sub groups, or all sorts of combinations that I would otherwise have to alter a script to do (for example using a batch or powers hell file). My one gripe...