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  1. cannonballdex

    Discussion - What's the most entertaining thing to do in EQ?

    Watching all the amazing things that MQ2 performs. I can watch it automate all day. :)
  2. cannonballdex

    Macro - AutoVendor

    So I ran the Initializtion and got an ini file below. Is this going to sell the bag or all of the contents? Scratch that I had searched for container prior to running the program. [Instructions] Instructions=Set items on the list you want to sell to Sell, not sell to Ignore and parcel to...
  3. cannonballdex

    Plugin - MQ2FeedMe

    Ya I look at it the same way. If you didn't know about it, you wouldn't even think about it. haha.
  4. cannonballdex

    Plugin - MQ2FeedMe

    Nothing like running around POK and people clearly haven't moved in hours and you see Chomp, chomp, chomp or Glug, glug, glug or even someone staggering by the Brandy Merchant. :)
  5. cannonballdex

    Plugin - MQ2EQWire

    Wrong file in the test plugin?
  6. cannonballdex

    Question - Scribe Tradeskill Books

  7. cannonballdex

    Trade / Skill Max Beg, Bind Wound, Alcohol and Forage Skills - Added the Play by Play for Alcohol Tolerance

    Added the Play by Play for Alcohol Tolerance, don't know how I missed it. LOL
  8. cannonballdex

    Plugin - MQ2DPSAdv

    Have you tried Alt+Tab
  9. cannonballdex

    Question - Mesh not saving in Mesh Generator

    Change your path in the mesh generator for issue of creating the mq2nav inside the maq2nav folder. :) Glad you got it figured out.
  10. cannonballdex

    New to redguides

  11. cannonballdex

    Problem - Getting weird error when trying to patch

    Copied my good eq folder over to another computer via network, took about an hour but was able to play without running the patcher.
  12. cannonballdex

    Question - Mesh not saving in Mesh Generator

    Some items when you edit on the right will ask to save changes, but see the properties box at the near top left, the save button.
  13. cannonballdex

    Problem - Getting weird error when trying to patch

    Yah, I got the same error, seems like the link that references any patch files are not found on the server.
  14. cannonballdex

    Plugin - MQ2EQWire

    Just noticed today with mq2eqwire running, im back up to 1250mb memory per toon again. Any idea, CPU usage is still low.
  15. cannonballdex

    Question - biggest time sink...

    Everquest in general has been my biggest time sink. Buy pretty much anything you try to camp and need is a time sink, I can remember camping items for days and when you already had the item it drops all day long. :)
  16. cannonballdex

    Question - Having a problem making a social hotkey

    Noticed you have mpq on one line and mqp on another. /keypress X (x is my duck) /mpq /pause 50 /keypress x /mqp
  17. cannonballdex

    IRL - Test Server is down again. How are you killing the time?

    I flip back and forth from live to beta to test :)
  18. cannonballdex

    115 Rogue TOV

    [General] KissAssistVer=11.005 [SpellSet] LoadSpellSet=2 [Buffs] BuffsOn=1 BuffsSize=5 Buffs1=Snowbound Shadowscale Leggings|Summon|Consigned Bite of the Shissar XIX|20 Buffs2=Consigned Bite of the Shissar XIX Buffs3=Thief's Eyes Buffs4=Lesson of the Devoted|Cond1 Buffs5=Drachnid Blade...
  19. cannonballdex

    Question - Merc Cleric doesn't follow toon stays with the group

    You can deselect the puller in the group window as puller and the merc will follow you as you pull if this is what you like, but like robkey says, if you are selected as puller in the group window the merc will stay with the group.
  20. cannonballdex

    Question - Mesh not saving in Mesh Generator

    Are you clicking the save button at the top left after saving the stuff on the right side. Also not sure which mesh files you are editing but some zones have crystalcaverns and crystalcavernstwo. Also, tried running mesh generator as admin.