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  1. wired420

    Question - Auth: Failed to authenticate with the forums

    Easiest way to get around it is to set a different browser as default and just click login in on launcher again.
  2. wired420

    IRL - Fav Adult Beverage

    Water. I don't drink Alcohol. Not a religious thing, or anything. Just don't like being drunk. I might wanna drive somewhere.
  3. wired420

    Question - Which mob to pull aka bad decisions

    What are you using? A plugin? Kiss? rgmercs? Would help to know what exactly you're using to pull to come up with any further ideas.
  4. wired420

    Question - Which mob to pull aka bad decisions

    Most macros/plugins do pull the closest thing to you. Depending on where you setup camp though there may be something closer to you through a wall. So it tries to go around and pulls that because it IS technically closest.
  5. wired420

    Software MQ2Nav Meshes

    wired420 updated MQ2Nav Meshes with a new update entry: Claws of Veeshan Zones Added Read the rest of this update entry...
  6. wired420

    MQ2Nav Meshes - Claws of Veeshan Zones Added

    All Claws of Veeshan meshes are available in the updater or as a stand alone file located at the following link: https://mqmesh.com/resources/zips/cov.zip
  7. wired420

    Question - Force old Loot Window

    /advloot and in bottom left click on loot options or settings or something like that then unclick use advanced loot on window that pops up.
  8. wired420

    Utility BuffGroupOneSpell.mac - Buff your whole group with one spell. With option to overwrite. - Fixed casts missing group members.

    Sometimes it would attempt to cast on the next group member before the global spell cooldown had reset. A delay has been added for one tenth of a second longer than the cooldown.
  9. wired420

    Trade / Skill AbilityTrainer.mac 1.4

    Just start it, and it'll figure out what it needs to do with the abilities it supports. See Instructions for more advanced startup methods. Supports: Non-combat Skills: Feign Death Mend Sneak Hide Tracking Begging (Disabled by DPG) Combat Skills: Kick Bash Round Kick Flying Kick Eagle...
  10. wired420

    Combat Assist Campfireme.mac 1

    THIS IS NOT SUPPORTED BY CHATWITHTHISNAME NOR SIC. DO NOT ASK THEM ABOUT IT. DO NOT BOTHER THEM ABOUT IT. IF YOU DO I HOPE THEY SMITE THEE. If you need help, private message me or tag me up on discord and I'd be glad to support it/help you with it. Works anywhere fellowships work. Were...
  11. wired420

    Software MQ2 trying to launch from wrong location

    Did you copy your install from one PC to the other? If so. If you use MQ2AutoLoot you'll want to open that ini and change the directory for your loot.ini. Another one I have to point out a lot when people move their MQ2 from computer to computer.
  12. wired420

    Question - Reject 90% Rez

    If you're using MQ2Rez /rez accept 96
  13. wired420

    Question - SSD Reader recommendation please

    You're looking for something like this. They're referred to as NVMe Enclosures. https://www.amazon.com/Enclosure-Adapter-Tool-Free-Thunderbolt-External/dp/B08C2THR25/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=nvme+enclosure&qid=1602757765&sr=8-3
  14. wired420

    Discussion - How big are your armies?

    Back in the day I used to run up to 54 or 55 at times. Now I just stick with six. It's a lot more fun than trying manage that many at once. At 54 you need spreadsheets to keep track of everything. Supposed to be a game. Not accounting software. In my book at least.
  15. wired420

    Question - Melee DPS - Casters

    Way to keep your dps from attacking too early is to turn your assist at to like 98 and not use big damage to pull. As far as return to camp. You need to set returntocamp=1 in your ini and set your camp size to smaller so they don't have room to get pushed out.
  16. wired420

    Discussion - Dying from falling on with no dropping

    You don't have to be encumbered to fall to your death. There's a formula for how much damage you take based on weight. Not sure on the formula for itself but just for example falling for 10 feet might be 10 damage at 0 weight and 1000 damage at 100 weight. Stepping off a sidewalk in POK with...
  17. wired420

    Software MQ2Nav Meshes

    wired420 updated MQ2Nav Meshes with a new update entry: Site/Updater Rebuilds Twice A Day Read the rest of this update entry...
  18. wired420

    MQ2Nav Meshes - Site/Updater Rebuilds Twice A Day

    Mesh Site/Updater is back on twice daily auto rebuilds instead of one since multiple people are managing the meshes now. With updates more often. I figure it'll be better if they're put into production more often. So at noon and midnight you can expect to automatically see any mesh updates...
  19. wired420

    Software MQ2Nav Meshes

    wired420 updated MQ2Nav Meshes with a new update entry: 13 Zones Updated Read the rest of this update entry...
  20. wired420

    MQ2Nav Meshes - 13 Zones Updated

    Updates provided by multiple sources: bixiewarfront crystaltwob direwind ethernere everfrost feerrott hohonorb housegarden podisease potranquility qeytoqrg runnyeye stonehive