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    Plugin - MQ2Py

    dencelle submitted a new resource: MQ2Py - python extension for mq2 developed by brainiac Read more about this resource...
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    Plugin - MQ2LanguageTrainer

    plugin version of the language macro... because i was bored... #include "../MQ2Plugin.h" #include <ctime> PreSetup("MQ2LanguageTrainer"); bool TrainingEnabled; clock_t WaitTime; CHAR pBuffer[256]; std::vector <std::string> colour; void ToggleTraining(PSPAWNINFO pChar, PCHAR szLine) {...
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    Tech - autoit3

    So i've been playing around with autoit3, been looking into a lot of the aspects of the automation of different things that you could do with it and the application of what it can do. has anyone else used it a lot? so far i found some interesting things you can do. like i was able to use...
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    IRL - What is the price of compassion?

    So, i was walking around through walmart last week, as always i walked past the floral department since right past it is the gaming section and i wanted to see if they had any new games i might be interested in but i never made it to there. Instead i saw a young boy being told by a fairly rude...
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    News - Test Update 09/26/13

    September 26, 2013 _____________________ *** Items *** - Added the ability for your mercenary to equip items and gain the stats from those items. - The cleave effect on Fearlinked Leather Chest Seal of the Warchief and Fearlinked Silk Chest Seal of the Warchief will now function. *** Quests...
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    Request - Patchday

    anyone have a working patchday.idc and patchday.exe? idk where mine went but i am going to start doing compiles again and kinda need one these... -.- they were in level 3 access but since that got taken away i can't find it anywhere...
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    Bans - How to get your account banned...

    so these guys are talking about tourturing a MQ2 user.... (signs say that the user was using a very basic bot that was probably home made...) so lets take a lesson from this... and DON'T do this... -.-
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    Request - :mq2 Autologin

    for test server compile can you fix it so we can use this plugin -.- i've tried typing "test" on server= and it didn't work...
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    Funny - more funny stuff

    for all those who play on eqemu... we can get a little laugh thanks to "King" mort... -.- don't ask why i was randomly looking through pastebin... its late and i'm out of caffeine... http://pastebin.com/x0zpmzKw oh... note... this is the same guy who didn't know his database has a hacker log...
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    Question - irc?

    did irc go buh bye when notaddicted switched to redguides or am i just lost on the new server?