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    Question - Changing PC Colors on Map

    Are you talking about your color and your groups colors or everyone else? You can change you and the group with the compass looking tool usually on the side of the map .
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    IRL - What do you do on patch days?

    I used to rush and try and log on ..... and then it happened. /darkpaw games happened /servers crash /servers come up /servers get brought down for emergency patch /servers come up /servers get rolled back !!! .. what a waste of 5 hours !! /servers get brought back down..... sometime...
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    Plugin - MQ2DPSAdv

    /bcaa //plugin mq2dpsadv unload To get totally rid of this one: Delete these two items in release folder
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    Plugin - MQ2DPSAdv

    @Sic Thank you, I just unloaded it from all my accounts and seem to be doing fine.
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    Plugin - MQ2DPSAdv

    SIC, can you help us further on this? I only see as latest version.. how is Robban seeing a newer version ? What XML file are we looking for? I seem to be crashing since I updated on 1 account.
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    Question - that combine would result in a LORE item

    Since TBL, they started that lore group called Brains or Brawn so the Brilliance and Vigor lines will not stack sadly for TS augs :(
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    Question - Mq2 Nav question

    You mean we have to read all of the buttons ??? LOLOLOL 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 Thank SIC, I havn't had to update for so long, I didn't realize its literally the "EASY BUTTON" now, but do you still need to "Watch" the thread?
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    Question - Mq2 Nav question

    I think hes looking for : Kaens Nav Meshes You will need to download all of the Nav Meshes. This is the automatic one : Mesh Updater I think you can "Watch" this thread and it will update them for you. Beware , they are very large files
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    Discussion - Evolving Chase Loot From TBL (is it worth it now) ??

    Plane of Fire worst : Jorpal Chieftain - In the North Huts ( parked a mage with pet on it finally after 6 days of clearing during 10 + hours of play / day .. finally got it to spawn overnight on night 2 with /cough Mage that fell asleep. Magma Overlord - Took days.... and my buddy spend...
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    Discussion - Evolving Chase Loot From TBL (is it worth it now) ??

    This is spot on. With the ability to fairly easily make whatever type 19's you want *After progressing the ToV earring* can easily Farm GD Raid caves for Diamondized Precious Velium Ore) - the + to healing, + to defense etc and many other stats, these chase items will be very relevant for a...
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    Question - Jann's mask

    The Keyring is always the culprit ! Gotta drag the mask to the bottom for the "Perma Buff slot" so no matter what illusion is cast, it will allow the Janns Buff to cast. Some illusions stack, which makes the keyring wonky to manipulate. I wished the Janns Mask Buff was truely "Permanent"...
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    News - xp bonus is actually off now :(

    In game calendar originally showed it ending at 1am PDT on 9-8 ( they changed it today) , while all the websites said it was on until 9-9 at 1am PDT... so they did turn it back on part way through today.. hopefully to make up they will leave it on for another day !
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    Question - J5 vs Silver

    Depends what Mac you run. I would agree with Chats plugins, but if folks are running silver accounts, I wouldn't expect them to be on the Annual elite plans :) And you may be right, I only had my zerkers silver for a couple weeks at the end of TBL and they ran 250K sustained with IHC. I'm...
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    Question - J5 vs Silver

    Mq2dpsadv Sustained just bouncing around in ToV. I was 115 on my toons with a moderate amount of Merc AA's nothing great.
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    Question - J5 vs Silver

    I had a guildy that was running 3 rogue mercs ( he did have alot of the rogue merc AA also ), but he was rolling a Pally , Shammy, Bard and 3 rogue mercs and actually went back through and crushed all of RoS and TBL content with that 3 box group. He did it between 113 and finally 115, but just...
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    Tip - ToV Max AA #s

    Interesting , but you basically have to add +443 to every class thats a Gnome. Maybe an * at the bottom can be added
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    Question - J5 vs Silver

    J5 Rogues with a bard in group where 250kdps + , but in the past couple months they did tune them down a little bit. Silver Zerkers loaded with ToV t1 gear , TBM Type 5 augs , in the same scenerio will do 250k + dps, Rogues probly can do more dps as well. The main benefit of toons is the...
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    Question - How do you come out of Autofollow when the character you are following dies?

    I have a hot key set up on each toon: /nav stop /mqp /target smokeybear(or whatever your toon name is) /afol Or if you don't have anything going on: Target Yourself and type /afol It can be a real PITA
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    Question - SK Gearing - Heroic Stats

    Thanks Sic, I was looking for some additional info on it that you talk about in that post. Learning how to tweak a type 5 H-Agi or H-Stam aug after you have min/maxed everything is a pretty advanced tweak / strat that is a minor alteration.
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    Question - Another box thread...

    Keep the cleric, rezzing in combat will save you more headaches for when your macros fail/freeze etc. Also the auras are great. ----Once your crew has alot of AA's and geared up, especially your Tank, swap out a shammy. Once you have a Beastlord in your group, you will not ever wanna go back...