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    Question - I'm really bad at PL'ing!

    Hi guys, So last night I was experimenting on how I can go about power leveling, now this didn't work out too well. I spent 2 hours and only got level 9. Wanting to know if there is any druid PL guides our there you can link me please? Best zones to use, also any macros to setup/use? I am...
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    Question - How long does it take to actually farm 1m plat?

    Hi guys, Here with another silly question as I prepare to set up my group / play style. Wondering how long it takes you folks to farm 1 million plat? Was thinking of farming the plat to buy kronos on live to use on TLP. I believe the krono prices are 2 million plat at the moment on my server...
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    Question - Which class do you PL'ers use?

    Hi, I was thinking of PL'ing my alts as quickly as possible, which class would you guys recommend? My plan was to pull a zone and just destroy them at once, could bards do something like this? Thanks for any info.
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    Question - 2 boxing on Mangler with a VM?

    Hi, My brother and I want to 2 box on the same PC on mangler, based on what I've gathered, certain VMs are detectable by DBG? Not sure how true this is but if so, which VM could I use to make this work? This will be my first time trying something like this, is it easy to set up? Anything I...
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    Request - Vanilla MQ2 on TLP?

    Hi guys! It's been so long.. with the recent news and self isolation, I have decided to hit up EQ once again. The only question I have is, will I be able to use a vanilla MQ2 on TLP? My brother and I have started playing and we usually only group together, I told him about this website so...
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    Question - MQ2 usuable on Corniav? + Free MQ2 client for basic use?

    Just wanting to know if it was usable on Corniav TLP server, all I wanted to use it for was to /target and see mobs on map. Is this possible? Is there a MQ2 client that is available just for that and is free? Thanks in advance.
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    Question - Current MQ2 okay to use on Agnarr?

    Wanting to know if it's okay to use the current vanilla build on the new TLP server Agnarr? Thank you in advance. P.s wanting to use it for maps/mob info etc nothing major.
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    Question - Paying for level 2 via Krono

    Hi, Sadly my 1 month trial just ended and now I want to get back in, I am a bit confused on how the parcel part works. Do I need to enter the server name as well? Can someone please give me an example on how to properly enter it, don't really want to make a mistake. Thank you in advance!
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    Guide - Any other form of payment besides Paypal?

    Hi! Forgive me if there is an answer to this question, I am still trying to figure out how to use the website. I am very interested in using your service, I do not have a lot of time due to work, so KissAssist will do me wonders. Wanting to know if there is any other form of payment I can use...
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    Question - How to auto cast while boxing?

    Hello beautiful people, forgive me for another stupid question, but this is the only website that truly is noob friendly, to noobs such as myself. I am currently boxing 2 characters, spell caster / tank. I want to be able to cast spells automatically while it assists my tank, how would i go...
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    Question - Duo with necro

    Just wanted to know which class would be the best to duo with a necro while using kissassist. Thanks in return!
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    Question - Kissassist/level 2 question

    Hey guys, forgive me for this stupid question! If i purchase level 2, just the standard one, do i get kissassist with that? or is that a higher level 2 type of thing? THANK YOU! :)