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  1. Redfrog

    Question - VPN/remote access on a machine running EQ?

    Can you use a remote client like TeamViewer? I used to use that while leaving some characters on on my workstation at work, I'd look in on them from home and lock my work screen so noone would see EQ running the next morning :P Its GREAT for regular remote Windows access, but only good (not...
  2. Redfrog

    Tech - Hard Drive help please

    Good morning all, @LamahHerder It will not allow me to assign a drive letter, all the options upon right clicking are greyed out. If I do a right click to the othe drive, it shows I can assign it a new letter. @jande No, I never have tried Linux yet. I was curious if some NAS drives use some...
  3. Redfrog

    Tech - Hard Drive help please

    Hi guys and gals, Need some help on a second HDD I have installed in my other comp. Its registering in Disk Management, but not Windows Explorer. Its an old HDD I had around, I did not label it like a dummy, so I do not recall if there is good info on it (mostly would be pics of my kids and...
  4. Redfrog

    Funny - Free Ranger Macro.

    Thanks Aipoc, I LOVE the smell of fresh Macros in the morning !
  5. Redfrog

    Question - Overthere Sabertooth cats

    Free, avoiding them seemed to be the only way for me, as I could not debuff them, but I did find if I had my mount up for those pulls, I was fast enough to get back to within my clerics heal range, so it worked out well. The named Bloodstalker was the worst. But with mount up it was ok. So, I...
  6. Redfrog

    News - Game Update Notes: March 18, 2020

    Hmm.. so they fixed Overseer Window resizing for Notebook users! Huzzah !! Shame noone will be interested to use it now.. So much work and effort.. ugh..
  7. Redfrog

    News - Game Update Notes: March 18, 2020

    https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php?threads/game-update-notes-march-18-2020.264089/ March 17, 2020 _____________________ *** Items *** - A mysterious presence will only sell McKenzie's Brew's when Veil of Alaris is unlocked. - You may now only gain one Collection Dispener items...
  8. Redfrog

    News - Upcoming Overseer Changes

    Lots of different quests had that item Overseer Collection Item Dispenser as a reward, usually option 3 on the list on the quests that have it as a reward. Once awrded to your inventory the item clicks to become anpther reward list of expansions to select from. Choose and it will give you a new...
  9. Redfrog

    News - Upcoming Overseer Changes

    Collections are items you pick up on the ground in all zones starting in expansions Rain of Fear and upwards. They appear as small glowing orbs on the ground, each zone you complete by picking up the whole 'collection' and right clicking to collect it. You get a reward for some such as 2% xp or...
  10. Redfrog

    News - Celebrating 21 years of camaraderie and adventure!

    https://www.everquest.com/news/anniversary-21-overseer-xp-march-2020 Hail Norrathians, It's hard for us to fathom that it's been 21 years since this grand adventure began The myriad lands and challenges you’ve all completed have brought us an incredible sense of awe time and time again. We...
  11. Redfrog

    Krono - Krono for RedCents (Redcent Shop)

    HURRAY, I want a Krono-Virus! Ty @Redbot Hope to see you guys around in game.
  12. Redfrog

    News - Holly leaving................

    OH !!! Hahaha, I was immediately imagining her at her comptuer at DPG chasing CannonBall directly, shouting DING to her co-workers. Maybe I've revealed too much about me and what I would do if I worked there.
  13. Redfrog

    News - Holly leaving................

    Wiped you out?
  14. Redfrog

    News - Holly leaving................

    She realized it was her chance to leave San Diago (read in Ron Burgandy voice), move back in with her parents and wait out the Corona Virus in her parents basement while using VV on EQ with us.......OR knows maybe to jump ship before her DarkPaw job gets actually hard as a "sort of" independent...
  15. Redfrog

    Toast - We welcome...

    Happy congratulations to the wonderful news of a little girl joining your real life questing. May you and Little RedBern's mommy find all the great moments of her changes to come every single day creating smiles even during the crying and diaper changes. As a father myself I can't wait to hear...
  16. Redfrog

    Bans - Looks Like Several Servers Are Down

    All servers down, including Test. Seems other servers were also given only a 3 min warning as mine was. I had just got home from the doctors to play.. grumble.
  17. Redfrog

    Question - Targeting Rings .... looking for one that arrows back to Target

    Chat, awesome, I could not respond but also wanted to show smokey he can make himself a cool Ring. Smokey, I modified mine just so it doesn't show my guild name..but basically here is what I did, as I liked little arrows of sorts also. Make an edit as Chat told you above, it will look like...
  18. Redfrog

    Question - looking for a better way

    Hi and welcome Jizmo, VV can do a lot of different things...if I understand the things you are currently doing can either all be done on one computer or kept spread out on the different ones just as you have now. You can control all accounts from one computer. No tabbing needed. Live players...
  19. Redfrog

    Question - Targeting Rings .... looking for one that arrows back to Target

    Thanks for the video. I cannot recall seeing one like that at EQ interface, but it's likely a custom for that guild or player. I modified the Targa file in Photoshop for mine, and has a basic color ring and little arrows pointing to the mob. The animation on the arrows in the video is quite a...
  20. Redfrog

    Question - Targeting Rings .... looking for one that arrows back to Target

    Hi Smokey, can you post a link to the video you are talking about so we can easily see what ring graphics you are searching for. If you like it, maybe someone here has it or similar, plus maybe many others would think it's nice to use as well.