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    ini - 110 Max AA TBL enchanter

    [General] KissAssistVer=11.005 Role=Assist CampRadius=30 CampRadiusExceed=400 ReturnToCamp=0 ChaseAssist=0 ChaseDistance=20 MedOn=1 MedStart=25 MedCombat=0 LootOn=0 RezAcceptOn=1 AcceptInvitesOn=1 GroupWatchOn=2 EQBCOn=1 IRCOn=0 HoTTOn=0 CampfireOn=0 CharInfo=Enchanter|110|GOLD DPSMeter=1...
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    Tech - DPS error

    whenever I activate my dps macro in kissassist I get /varcalc failed, variable DPSTimer1 not found the number varies but my spells still cast or at least try to. Most are instant cast with 5 sec recast delay not sure if that matters. Someone help please