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  1. vsab

    Strategy - TBL Fight Fire mission

    I just go and make a cup of tea
  2. vsab

    Question - Progression to pump up my warrior

    Big kudos to anyone who compiles a list of eqresource/alla's links for every single Hero AA so lazy gits like me can just go down the list checking them off in order
  3. vsab

    Question - Question on setup

    I agree, start with a smaller group in a safe zone (e.g. greens/LB). I would normally start with Tank, healer, CC. Bard is harder to get right than enchanter. I cheat and use Sic's ini (more or less). Use Gamparse to work out if toons are casting spells (or not) to see if stuff is broken. At...
  4. vsab

    Request - Two things - "if it exists/can it exist"

    Alt-Q and/or the achievement Window?
  5. vsab

    News - Servers are back up early

    The bonus of being on GMT is that it gets screwed up and subsequently fixed while we're at work
  6. vsab

    News - Servers are back up early

    For how long I wonder? They normally screw something up!
  7. vsab

    Question - Best Caster 6 Box

    Enc helps with that. I normally get one proc per fight now, normally a kill shot too :)
  8. vsab

    Question - Best Caster 6 Box

    Best caster 6 box: SK or PAL, ENC, CLR, MAG, WIZ, WIZ Wizzies proc alliance when you get your ini right - ENC helps with it - MAG great offtank when shit goes down, nice utility too, Ports+COH is a boxers dream, SK has +mana group procs, PAL has good group heals, CLR best healer in game, ENC...
  9. vsab

    Toast - We welcome...

    Grats! 👼
  10. vsab

    News - EQ Official Discord

    Someone get in there with the username "Tappin" double quick.
  11. vsab

    Question - Crystalized Velium Ore

    Griklor still nails me, getting very frustrated. Caster group so burst DPS doesn't seem to be enough.
  12. vsab

    Patch - Test Patch 2/5/2020 - Patch Notes and Discussions

    An instance which has normal mobs in it. You can enter, xp in it without ever "doing the event", then when you run out of mobs, quit task and then get it again ("flip" it). So you can use it for farming without annoying other players (used to do it for headshot for example).
  13. vsab

    Patch - Test Patch 2/5/2020 - Patch Notes and Discussions

    Is the sk AA totc still broken? They apparently forgot a 0 on the end for the upgrades for ToV.
  14. vsab

    Patch - Test Patch 2/5/2020 - Patch Notes and Discussions

    Looks like we get a flippable instance?
  15. vsab

    Krono - Krono for RedCents (Redcent Shop)

    Damn you, time zone differences!
  16. vsab

    Krono - Krono for RedCents (Redcent Shop)

    Wow.. I checked an hour after this was posted and they all had gone! The early bird catches the worm I guess!
  17. vsab

    Poll - Should we clean up the KissAssist .ini library?

    At the very least we could remove non ka11 ones since format changes would mean they simply wouldn't work. Testing whether they work is a manual process. What we could do is filter unrated inis out of default search, but if none are returned have a link to include unrated. Or we could...
  18. vsab

    Question - UI Poll - How many chat windows do you have?

    Two Windows, one has multiple tabs. I sometimes add a third for things like events/emotes/etc.
  19. vsab

    Discussion - Noobie build for 3 Toon Box

    The IHC rogue macro would love someone testing through the levels. I wrote it for a 105/110 rogue and at lower levels there are fewer options when it comes to discs and AA's.
  20. vsab

    Question - Old mob models

    They send the model type with the spawninfo, so they'd simply change that on TLP. Possibly you could do something cheeky with resource files, but probably not worth it.