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    Discussion - HEY RG !

    Anyone on Emarr - Hit me up looking to do some stuff
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    Question - QUESTION

    Am i missing something , but i cant access the Search Feature on the kiss ini side ? where you select class , level ? i just get the entire template page and i have to scroll threw them all ?
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    Question - how to make a condition to rotate disc ?

    how would I go about making a disc rotation for kiss , like I want it to go Deflection Cursed Guardian Imp Influence Krellnakor mantle what I am wanting it to do is if there is a disc going when namer is pulled it stops it and Activates deflection and then when Deflection is down cursed...
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    Tech - When using multiple Monitor's

    How do you stop multiple monitor's from flashing. I use my Middle monitor as main monitor , but my other 2 I use for the alts , but it seems whatever toon im on it puts the other 2 in a flashing ( AKA ) background phase , and I cant fix it no matter what I do >? any suggestions ?
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    Question - Mesh files for eok

    Anyone have mesh files for all of eok and ros ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Question - 580 ti or 750 ti thoughts ???

    I have the gpu monster duo 2 q6600 and the gpu monster 580 ti but currently running 750 ti and seems worse then the 580 thoughts ????
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    Question - Something new ?

    Noticed Today when I loged in and started kiss bottom of my screen my EQ tabs went from EQ to EQ Name (lvl:105 zone name ) is this something new in MQ ? made me log out instantly I freaked out
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    Discussion - Personal thanks

    I personally wanna thank alot of people here , maskoi redbot william12 for afnuke inspiration razkle for flooding the market petesampres and alot of others , I personally went to school for c ++ but have not written codes for many years im 33 and I have not done it since I was 20 and honestly...
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    Problem - macroquest cyclethrewwindows= tile key

    how do i turn this annoying aggravating shit off ?
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    Discussion - when in someone inbox inquiring.

    im not sure but as of lately alot of people are in my inbox asking how much and dont have common curtousy to say no thanks or to much or a freaking reply , i know ive posted it stay out my inbox or anyone elses if your not kind enough to respond back especially since you asked me or anyone else...
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    News - another dos attack

    Fuck me can DB not prevent this shit already all DB games are offline again
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    Discussion - Are login servers down ?

    i cant patch EQ or log on are the servers down ?
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    Strategy - kissassist change that helped my targeting problem

    In notepad ++ been looking over targeting code area - I changed line 938 to help my targeting rere mobs when close to same name but targeting further mob - /echo ATTACKING -> ${Spawn[${MyTargetID}].CleanName} <- to /echo ATTACKING -> ${Spawn[${MyTarget.ID}].CleanName} <- Adding the .id...
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    Problem - MQ2moveutils.ini turnrate

    every since this recent ninja patch and new compile my moveutils.ini seems useless now i cant adjust my turnrate or anything its all same no matter what i do 14-25-50-100 no matter where i put it i still turn same rate any idea ?
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    Question - ok so im confused

    Every since these recent ninja patch'es and me having to redownload mq2 - my turnrate which used to snap me back to camp now has me turning slow as shit again and now i turn really freaking slow aggroing a mob again instead of snaping back towards camp - and my turn rate in my moveutils is still...
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    Question - Return to camp to face mob

    Anyone know the line of Kiss - where Pullertank or anyone returns to camp to turn to face mob - can you pst it please ? im to drunk to find it - PLEASE
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    Discussion - SOMETHING NEW >>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????

    I noticed this morning after downloading MQ and logging into game after another small patch this morning their is a Time feature ??????? what is this about something MQ side or Everquest side ???? something I should be concerned about ???? like for instance when you zone into guild hall how it...
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    Mech Guardian Exp

    Just wanted to give a hint out , The Mech guardian Exp is there still at the end , If u give the cpu the false code u can spawn as many mob's as you can handle and kill at a time , i power level'ed a 43 mage to 95 and 2500 aa's doing this in 3 days
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    fu sony

    All EverQuest Live Servers will be coming down on Friday, July 1, 2011 at 5:30 am US Pacific (US Pacifc-PST is -8 GMT: 6:30 am MST, 7:30 am CST, 8:30 am EST, 1:30 pm GMT, 14:30 am CET) for maintenance. The servers are estimated to be unavailable for approximately 2.5 hours. Keep an eye on the EQ...
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    haven a issue i need help with

    so.............i came across a hijacker trojan and some other adware that was in my computer.............got it fixed and situated but everytime i load Gamparse now or Catalyst Control center or anything that uses .net or c ++ programs i get the message Gamparse has encountered a problem and...