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    Strategy - 6th box

    Dare I say Cleric? New expac... mobs hit hard!
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    Question - Enchanter PET

    The " bbbbbbbbbb " might be a small issue PetSpell=Salik's Animation bbbbbbbbbb
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    Tech - Looking for a home server solution

    If you want an actual server (brand name) buy some hearing protection. Enterprise/business class machines are loud (and power hungry, but will heat your Condo in a pinch)... If your into that kind of thing check out https://www.servermonkey.com/servers.html and build one hell of a shelf...
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    Tech - Looking for a home server solution

    Denethor was right on the money in my opinon. Buy a second NUC/SFF comp, Run VMware for how many linux/win servers you need. Shove it in a closet. Use a RoKu for Plex Client and use the current NUk for gaming and remote terminal to the Vmware box.
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    News - Upcoming changes to Escape AAs

    Does the new expansion have something to do with it maybe?