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  1. surfdog21

    Request - INI Purchase

    What? I understood the first sentence then you lost me bro. I have no problem paying for an MQ2Berzerker type plugin, or others to be honest. The "crowd funding" into a kitty so to speak that s1968 mentioned is a good idea, anything to stimulate the stagnant library. There should be an end...
  2. surfdog21

    Request - INI Purchase

    Or maybe, a certain someone can put together and MQ2Berzerker for every class! :)
  3. surfdog21

    Request - INI Purchase

    This would be great! Especially now with all the spell name changes and aa name changes. I would gladly pay for killer ini's for Pally, Monk, Bard, Mage...pretty much all classes. The ini library has gotten very dusty! Now with the patch all of those ini will take some looking at :)
  4. surfdog21

    Patch - patch notes Nov 20th 2019

    I'm dreading going through 20+ ini's to change all of the old spells and aa names sigh...
  5. surfdog21

    Question - "Travel Mode" Tips

    Myself I just hit the find button, then click the place i want to go and off the toon runs, rinse and repeat on each member of the group. Once I get to the next zone I am going to camp I run my mage to that spot and coh the group. If no mage I run whatever class there then hit the find window...
  6. surfdog21

    News - Brad McQuaid, designer of the game we're addicted to, has passed away

  7. surfdog21

    Request - 110 Berserker ini needed please

    If you can shell out the 20 bucks, this https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/mq2berzerker.1018/ will make you sing this ... <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. surfdog21

    Question - Omen or rog strix scar III Question

    Mine actually says signature edition, not sure why. Here is a snap of it. From what I read they are 4 slot units at 8 per slot giving you 32. Again though, I dont need anymore than what I am showing here to run 6 accounts with no lag. Yes, I know, my gf tells me its too big!
  9. surfdog21

    Question - Omen or rog strix scar III Question

    https://www.asus.com/us/Laptops/ROG-GL753VE/specifications/ This is the Asus Rog I use when I travel and am going to be gone for a bit. I run a group of 6 on this with zero issues. Its a 64 bit operating system, x64 based processor from the factory. I bought it last year from Costco. They...
  10. surfdog21

    Raid - Easiest current expansion raid to box

    Looking to farm type 19 augments for the 4 evolving pieces, maybe loot some treasure chest stuff as well. Any raid thats boxable for a crew of 12-18 for this?
  11. surfdog21

    Strategy - Muhbis drop rate increase

    Ive had a few days off from work, so I decided to upgrade some toons visibles as to prepare for the expansion, and was pleasantly surprised to see the drop rate on Muhbis in static zones has increased dramatically. I know this because I spent countless hours/days/weeks farming the named for...
  12. surfdog21

    Contest November's Night Terror

    Will this be a full group set up? Is the tank going to be a warrior or sk :)
  13. surfdog21

    Question - Returning after 16 years

    Do yourself a huge favor, and create an enchanter! Chanter cc makes your quality of life soo much better!
  14. surfdog21

    Question - Adds kill Group

    Pannone, it's time to buy that new account and raise an enchanter! Problem solved! :) You should post your warriors ini, as maybe there is an issue with the warriors aoe taunt stuff.
  15. surfdog21

    Question - Melee toons looking at the sky

    you can press the number 5 key and that will put you looking straight ahead in first person mode, with that being said, at assist you can write that into your ini, or at some other point. Personally , i have always played since 99 in first person mode. Never ever ran in any other mode. I...
  16. surfdog21

    Question - Must be getting old :(

    If your find yourself shaking your mouse side to side to try to find the cursor, it could be time for a new mouse. Alot of time on older ones the laser mechanism gets stuck....or....it doesnt like the surface its on.
  17. surfdog21

    News - OCTOBER 21, 2019 - A FIRST LOOK AT TOV BETA! https://eqresource.com

    I would use it on a full group to run quests and missions. I WOULD NOT afk camp some named mob. I would turn it on and off as I needed it. I highly would recommend being at the keyboard, with nuclear option hotkeyed, a big ass window from top to bottom with /say echo a different color than...
  18. surfdog21

    News - Producer's Letter: Torment of Velious

    Its how it used to be in a way, when you could buy the expansion key. Its old school. I used to buy keys back in the day and sell them in game. Before game cards. I was surprised they ever did away with them tbh. That was a bad business move. Funny how they are getting it this far in the...
  19. surfdog21

    Request - STRANGE MAGIC

    Hopefully after the expansion breaks it will be cake for you! :) I have to admit some of the encounters were a little much for group geared peeps!