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  1. surfdog21

    Raid - Easiest current expansion raid to box

    Looking to farm type 19 augments for the 4 evolving pieces, maybe loot some treasure chest stuff as well. Any raid thats boxable for a crew of 12-18 for this?
  2. surfdog21

    Strategy - Muhbis drop rate increase

    Ive had a few days off from work, so I decided to upgrade some toons visibles as to prepare for the expansion, and was pleasantly surprised to see the drop rate on Muhbis in static zones has increased dramatically. I know this because I spent countless hours/days/weeks farming the named for...
  3. surfdog21

    Software Moving partition between c and d drive

    I really want to move my partition between c and d drive, or completely eliminate it altogether. I have nothing on d and really need the space. Is there a recommended program out there I can get to do this? An easier way? Asus G10AJ Window 8.1
  4. surfdog21

    Discussion - new account / 24hr period before transactions

    I created an account this morning because of the 2x exp but it wont let me purchase daybreak coin for 24hrs to upgrade to heroic. Is this normal procedure? Is there a work around? Will daybreak at least give me a reach around while they do this to me?? Update: While I was getting the...
  5. surfdog21

    Question - Can this be done?

    Is there a way to create a program that will click a "check availabilty" button on Reserve America webpage,https://www.reserveamerica.com/explore/south-bass-island-state-park/OH/960101/campsites?arrivalDate=2019-08-31&lengthOfStay=2&availStartDate=2019-08-31&pageNumber=0 on three tabbed windows...
  6. surfdog21

    Question - Staining poplar

    Anyone a master stainer that can tell me other than the basics on staining this so it isnt splotchy? Ive used one coat of conditioner yet the casings are still somewhat splotchy. The poplar we are replacing had zero splotchyness so I am at a loss.... I am saavy at end game construction stuff so...
  7. surfdog21

    I love patch days because.....

    It gives me an excuse to clean up my bags and stuff......... NOT! Haha! I love patch days because I log in all my melee into one group, with just a cleric and rock out on ph's and named in T2 TBL zones! Boxing with not MQ2 style! It's fun and easy with melee because you can just prop them...
  8. surfdog21

    Discussion - Who was that guy....

    Who was that guy that back in the day boxed a crew of like 20 rangers the old school way? I remember seeing pictures of his set up with tv monitors hanging from chains and stuff... anyone remember?
  9. surfdog21

    Question - Burst of Moonlight?

    This is listed in heals in a Pally ini I plagiarized, but get an error saying it cant be found. I looked online and couldnt find it either. Anyone?
  10. surfdog21

    News - Making a better merc?

  11. surfdog21

    Strategy - Tailoring

    What is the fastest way to go from zero to hero in this skill these days? I've always loathed tradeskilling but in light of the new TS armor I guess I need to go into mind numbing mode again. Any help in direction would be greatly appreciated!
  12. surfdog21

    Question - Daybreak firings....

    Antennas up! https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php?threads/layoffs-at-daybreak.253125/
  13. surfdog21

    News - An interesting read

  14. surfdog21

    Question - cant log in on other computers atm

    Not sure why, but when I go to log in on another computer I keep getting improper password, why is that? (It is the proper password comedians)
  15. surfdog21

    Question - Launcher, EQForum down?

    Cant log into either, on any computer. Anyone else having issues atm?
  16. surfdog21

    Discussion - Most badass off the shelf PC for EQ at the moment in your opinion

    Not looking to build another at the moment, just looking to spend upwards of 2k on something off the shelf that I can plug n play about 18 toons. Anyone impressed with anything out there atm?
  17. surfdog21

    News - Influx of money into EQ

    Though I think EQ being played on an Iphone will fail, I do like the idea of investors pumping money into the game development! Good read here: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php?threads/soon-shiong%E2%80%99s-nantworks-invests-in-daybreak-game-company.251347/
  18. surfdog21

    Discussion - Paladins-are they decent these days?

    What are they used for these days? Do they make good group tanks? Im thinking of raising one and propping him up as a tank for one of my groups. I saw they gave them some stuff during this last patch...
  19. surfdog21

    News - Interesting read over @ Veteran's Lounge