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  1. AWOL

    Plugin - MQ2BuffTool

    Keeps clicking off my brells brawny bulwark for the entire group then paladin recast then clicks off 2 seconds later and on and on and on. very annoying. any idea on how to stop this? also anyone who has an aura casts it continuously, like its not seeing its already on or something? This is with...
  2. AWOL

    News - OCTOBER 21, 2019 - A FIRST LOOK AT TOV BETA! https://eqresource.com

    I've always thought the updated dwarf model was the worst, I hate the way it looks. The weapons are ok, I really like that shield though. I wonder if it'll cover up as much on an ogre as it does on the dwarf. That would be sick!
  3. AWOL

    Question - Stuck on my cursor. Dropping it into inventory in 15 sec.

    Anyone find where its at in the kissassist macro? It definitely has to do with kissassist, cause when I end the macro I no longer get the message about items being stuck to my cursor. I've been looking for over an hour, my eyes :shrug: