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  1. surfdog21

    Games - Elite Dangerous

    Oh I was laughing thinking about how there are soo many dead servers in this game was all! I thought you were joking because of that! :)
  2. surfdog21

    Games - Elite Dangerous

    Looks somewhat like No Mans Sky.
  3. surfdog21

    Poll - Should we clean up the KissAssist .ini library?

    I'm all for sending them to the recycle bin, but..... hows that going to make the people that wrote them feel?
  4. surfdog21

    News - All the songs from the 90's!

    RIP Layne Staley Or did i miss the op's target
  5. surfdog21

    Software Moving partition between c and d drive

    I really want to move my partition between c and d drive, or completely eliminate it altogether. I have nothing on d and really need the space. Is there a recommended program out there I can get to do this? An easier way? Asus G10AJ Window 8.1
  6. surfdog21

    Discussion - new account / 24hr period before transactions

    I created an account this morning because of the 2x exp but it wont let me purchase daybreak coin for 24hrs to upgrade to heroic. Is this normal procedure? Is there a work around? Will daybreak at least give me a reach around while they do this to me?? Update: While I was getting the...
  7. surfdog21

    Question - Can this be done?

    You rock!
  8. surfdog21

    Question - Can this be done?

    Is there a way to create a program that will click a "check availabilty" button on Reserve America webpage,https://www.reserveamerica.com/explore/south-bass-island-state-park/OH/960101/campsites?arrivalDate=2019-08-31&lengthOfStay=2&availStartDate=2019-08-31&pageNumber=0 on three tabbed windows...
  9. surfdog21

    News - 8/21/19 Patch Notes

    Ahhhh....progression servers. I could see how coh'ing a charmed pet to help fight a named could be useful. Surprised that could actually happen since it isnt in group. Odd.
  10. surfdog21

    News - 8/21/19 Patch Notes

    wtf does this mean anyways lol. what exactly did they change?
  11. surfdog21

    Question - Eating ALOT of food/drink

    Roflmao I thought I was the only one who hasnt feed my toons for years!
  12. surfdog21

    Tech - New mouse came with new version of Razer Synapse

    Get a Corsair Nightsword RGB. Best mouse I have ever had. I got rid of the Razers awhile back.
  13. surfdog21

    Discussion - item drop?

    Ive probably seen at least 10 of the trinkets drop from darkness howls just an fyi
  14. surfdog21

    News - Daybreak splitting up?

    Turn all your silver accounts to gold might help show a profit ;)
  15. surfdog21

    Question - Rogue wanders off

    Rogues are known for disappearing to polish their stabber.... dirty little beasts!!
  16. surfdog21

    Patch - *Don't Patch EQ* Friday June 21

    8:00 am est Saturday, time and date error still. Just an fyi.
  17. surfdog21

    News - Microsoft Flight Simulator!!!!!

    I bet its better than No Mans Sky! :)
  18. surfdog21

    Request - STRANGE MAGIC

    lol isnt this the truth!