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  1. kaen01

    Question - MQ2Bot running break invisible

    well there are 3 reason then batweed, last reason, dwarving the other two, and that reason is.. ME! i am here!! :D
  2. kaen01

    Question - MQ2Bot running break invisible

    mq2bot is a plugin by petesampras, exclusively for mmobugs, which is the competitor site of redguides.
  3. kaen01

    Utility Pocketfarm.mac - New Feature Release

    | V1.8 | - Fixed and rewrote pull routine, to respect ranges and such | - Added some checks so we dont spam target dead mobs. | - Made mq2nav be quiet. | - Now loads mq2melee as noauto if you dont have it auto load, this will be nice for you. | - Also Laods mq2cast so mq2melee dont get sad and...
  4. kaen01

    Tech - Site/server changelog

    i am my own friend...sad beep
  5. kaen01

    Problem - Crashing with mq in FM

    if you crash often and a lot, trimming your loaded plugins can also help, if you have like all the plugins on you are overloading the system and then you gonna crash.
  6. kaen01

    Discussion - A VERY SMALL STONE TEAR

    i believe the answer is yes to both questions.
  7. kaen01

    Problem - Alt Tab Lag Times

    install directx 9, even if the system says iits there its not the proper full version, i think @Sicprofundus has the right link
  8. kaen01

    Problem - Alt Tab Lag Times

    this is what i personally use https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/global-hotkeys-and-you.245/
  9. kaen01

    Question - Welcome to Shard's landing macro?

    killerederated sounds really bad, i hope it won't happen to me!
  10. kaen01

    Question - Welcome to Shard's landing macro?

    @vsab make it a macro resource, so people can find and download it :D
  11. kaen01

    Discussion - prisoners delima

    no post is stupid skye, it's always nice to get fresh pair of eyes or a fresh brain on a problem, so no worries, post all you want.
  12. kaen01

    Question - How long after release?

    eqmule generally aims for a release time at 8pm his timezone, i forget which that is, buts ie an american one, then redbot needs an hour or so, depending on his time and work and family and such, to compile and test and release-
  13. kaen01

    Question - Accessing "diseased" & other data in parentheses under NPC names

    maybe we need to have @eqmule add surname as a spawn search, and notsurname so we can filter out quests npcs and such
  14. kaen01

    Question - Accessing "diseased" & other data in parentheses under NPC names

    is that not .surname? or something along those lines
  15. kaen01

    Question - Eating ALOT of food/drink

    i use cheese and bottle of milk, found at the baking vendor, something culkin at the tradeskill building near the main bank both stack to 1000 and you can just select at vendor and do /buyitem 1000 and it will buy you a full stack
  16. kaen01

    Question - Eating ALOT of food/drink

    if he is mostly mounted, his mount will eat and drink too, making him use more.
  17. kaen01

    Question - Spent AA's unwisely... can they be reset?

    yeah unless you f2p don't worry bout wrongly placed aa, you gonna get them all anyways
  18. kaen01

    Question - Accept Quests automatically

    /plugin mq2yes /dgaz /yes ... Profits
  19. kaen01

    Work in Progress GroupAssistant.mac - familiar fix

    Fixed so familairs dont get put on xtarget.
  20. kaen01

    Macro - GroupAssistant.mac

    kaen01 updated GroupAssistant.mac with a new update entry: familiar fix Read the rest of this update entry...