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    Discussion - Any better sites for INI's?

    There are a lot out dated that is for sure. There is few key players on the website to look for ini wise to ensure you get something workable. Check for Sic - Kaen - Eqmule - maskoi - pretty much any creator / mod admin made ini. Also few players out there with really great ini. My suggestion...
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    Question - Box team suggestions

    Drop the wiz imo. =P Ranger auspice group guardian of wolf will benefit you longer down road dps wise for your zerks then the wiz would put out.
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    Guide Conditions 1

    Ever want to put a good but quick kissassist ini together? I have too and wanted something for me to easily whip up some conditions. So what I have done here is go through lots of ini and compiled all class diff types of conditions used by players. PLEASE NOTE some of these are a tad out dated...
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    Guide - Conditions

    Enine submitted a new resource: Conditions - These files hold many diff holyshit and conditions Read more about this resource...
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    Discussion - EQ framerate issues since 9/21 patch with MQ2 loaded

    Awesome glad it worked for you seems to work for everyone who uses it is something quite broken in their eqclient.ini
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    News - Daybreak splitting up?

    I'm willing to bet Darkpaw Games will be the new owners of Everquest. :sneaky:
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    Discussion - AC you read in posts is all wrong.... (gotcha for returning players)

    Magelo still uses the old school way of doing ac. So it will register how it was done back in the day. It is still very viable source as you see someone with 30k ac or so you know instantly ok this person is top ac stat character. Best to check for most ac if checking for what augs to use...
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    Macro - THF Cleric Macro (Donor Item's included) Fully automated heal

    Enine submitted a new resource: THF Cleric Macro (Donor Item's included) Fully automated heal - Fully automated cleric for THF Emulator Read more about this resource...
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    Utility THF Cleric Macro (Donor Item's included) Fully automated heal 1

    Fully automated cleric who will use correct spells items and donor items to keep your group or raid alive.
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    Wizard nuke macro Ultimate EQ (emu) - Better version

    Alternative version depending how you like to do things.
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    Problem - LD

    Unload all plugins reload them 1 by 1 that you use till you find the issue.
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    Wizard nuke macro Ultimate EQ (emu) - Update autoassist

    Change assist name inside the macro it self to tanks name target your tank while he has agro /mac wizzy and he will blow it up
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    Question - Djarns Tarnished Amethyst Ring ??

    They appear to be chase randomized items that will drop from a wide range of mobs or named. They are evolving.
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    Question - Pet tanking

    Aye assist mage.
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    Wizard nuke macro Ultimate EQ (emu) 3

    This macro will auto assist your Main assist upon telling the wizard dps through eqbc he will auto assist / nuke. Updated more stable assisting method. Most recently updated 1/2/2019 You will need to change your toons name on top line to who you want to assist.
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    Ultimate Token Turn in Ultimate EQ (emu) 2019-01-03

    These macro's will auto turn in the tokens needed to spawn the ultimate boss for which token they used.
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    Druid macro for emu Ultimate EQ (healer) 2019-01-03

    This is a basic Single target / Group cast heal macro to keep group alive.
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    Problem - ISBoxer and MQ2 playing not playing nicely any longer

    Yes mq2 everquest and eqplaynice are not friends anymore and will cause havoc conflicting each other if you do use those.
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    Question - ISBoxer CPU Strategy??

    In my opinion you dont even need cpu affinity. Im currently boxing 18 chars at only 37% usage with no cpu affinity even set. Replacing eqclient.ini will resolve any and all lag issues caused from cpu/gpu. Not mention using cpu affinity in game then using round robin will be conflicting each...
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    Question - Disappearing Plat

    Its a autoexchange bug try camping out and back in on both see if this fixes problem. I think its auto exchange anyhow not positive.