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  1. Mongo

    Question - Unlocking Torn Efreeti Boots

    HERE is an easier way to do LDoN explorer, I finished mine in a couple of hours using this guide. As they state in the post "By picking a Single Boss target at any setting you will get the name of the boss you need to kill in the adventure window. Just attribute the name to the layout to the...
  2. Mongo

    Question - TBL Chase loots

    I have seen the no trade chase loot drop, but no attuneables.
  3. Mongo

    Poll - What Everquest / MQ2 Related Video to make?

    I personally voted for top 10 Active hacks of all time, I've never dabbled with active hacks and I doubt I ever will however it would be cool to see a video on them. Certainly something I'm interested in I do however feel that a video on how to run missions/quests with multiple toons would be...