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  1. etherealmist

    Poll - How many characters do you play at once? (not counting mercs)

    I think I spent about 4 hours creating a spreadsheet one day when it started to get overwhelming using my guild tool to track account names. 44 accounts across 4 servers O_O, tracking things like which characters are currently active, or which characters are being loaned to friends. Color coded...
  2. etherealmist

    Plugin - MQ2Nav Release Thread

    I keep getting this in PoFire.. That picture is hard to read because I couldn't get a snip of the error before it got locked, but it's saying Assertion failed! Program: C:\MQ2\mq2nav.dll File: D:\Users\Trevor\work_local\VSTS\Very.../NavigationPath.h Line:84 Expression: index <...
  3. etherealmist

    Unmaintained v4 - All Class Combat Assist Macros 1.0

    Backstory: On Ragefire, a friend of mine (we'll simply call him V) who no longer plays wanted to create a macro that could be used for raiding, grouping, and AFKing. This was completely written from the ground up by him and as such all credit goes to him. I have been given permission to post it...
  4. etherealmist

    Software ISBoxer [Paid]

    This is the crux of my issue right here. Again, as I stated above, you imply that you just simply shouldn't use both and solely use one over the other (even contradicting yourself), as if using both isn't an option. I dislike the fact that you try to deter and dissuade people who legitimately...
  5. etherealmist

    Software ISBoxer [Paid]

    You're correct, but it should be noted that those functions aren't unique to ISBoxer. You can use WinEQ, which is created by the same guy, is free, and does all 3 of those things (one of them to a lesser extent).
  6. etherealmist

    Software ISBoxer [Paid]

    I love how you seem to always advocate one over the other like you can't just use both...... :rolleyes: One of the threads you mention about asking veterans about EQBC, they told you tons of things it can do that isboxer broadcast cannot, and you pretty much just said NAHHHH THAT AINT TRUE. I...
  7. etherealmist

    Guide - Article: The Red Guide to MQ2Nav

    Redbot, could you add the link to the article in the MQ2Nav plugin post? Also, I think it would be a good idea to include what roles MQ2Nav works in with Kissassist. Love the post though, so much easier to just link that article to people rather than trying to explain each step one by one haha...
  8. etherealmist

    Software ISBoxer [Paid]

    I run 4-5 groups. I used to run ISboxer but 3ish months ago I stopped. I've been fine without it honestly. The only thing I miss from isboxer is the window layout which can be replicated with other programs, and the hotkey swapping to certain windows. Although with 18+ characters, it's kinda...
  9. etherealmist

    Plugin - MQ2Nav Release Thread

    Okay weird, because when I run the nab it says it couldn't navigate through the area. HMMMMM
  10. etherealmist

    Plugin - MQ2Nav Release Thread

    What settings would I adjust to get this type of thing set as blue? In game you can easily walk over this area but the mesh generator doesn't agree.
  11. etherealmist

    Plugin - MQ2Nav Release Thread

    Yep, it's going to return no macro, but it'll tell you the path in red to where macro folder is (and also where macroquest is).
  12. etherealmist

    Plugin - MQ2Nav Release Thread

    Type /mac asd and make sure the path to your macroquest folders are correct, then check and make sure mq2nav is in the release folder. Sometimes the macroquest.ini gets corrupted, and grabbing the default one creating a new one sometimes help. Just tossing out some things to try!
  13. etherealmist

    RedGuides 14th Anniversary: Post & Win!

    I made 4 Zerkers, 4 Wizards, 2 Bards, and 2 Clerics
  14. etherealmist

    Funny - Patch Day Funnah - Flaming 101

    This is probably THE WORST thread I've ever read, ever. Do you even have a degree in this subject matter? I'm flummoxed as to why exactly you thought it would be a 'great' idea to post this non-sense here. I hope to whatever god you worship that the admins see fit to remove you from our...
  15. etherealmist

    Plugin - MQ2CPULoad

    This works with Isboxer as well? I know WinEQ was mentioned.
  16. etherealmist

    Guide - Adjusting MQ2's Captions (also, fixing Prefix title display for TLP)

    I play on the TLP servers, so for the longest time I've been running the standard captions and it always bugged me that I couldn't see my fancy titles without completely disabling the captions all together. I decided to finally fix that! I searched around the interwebs, and even on redguides...
  17. etherealmist

    Software ISBoxer [Paid]

    I agree, MQ+EQ+ISBoxer has really started to become bad. If I wasn't so used to using the window swapping shortcuts I'd drop ISBoxer in a heartbeat. It loads slower than the standard client and crashes all the time.
  18. etherealmist

    Request - user title length

    I'm upset I can't make my title the same as the sample title listed on the red cent page.
  19. etherealmist

    Plugin - MQ2Rez

    Yeah I'm all about suggesting anything to help keep people safe! :)