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  1. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - 1.65.1repost

    see here for notes. https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/xgen.1679/update/5496/ Yes you need to re-download this!!!!
  2. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - Microsoft If I keep this up, you better hire me

    Round 2 Fight! Soo first let me say there are a lot of updates in this patch! I've done my best to check and make sure things are working, but as you all know.. Im only human er a robot. Soo if something is wrong bring it to my attention and ill get it fixed! Now on with the good stuff. -...
  3. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - I feel like a Microsoft employee

    Sorry for this yet another update. I released a totally unready pulling routine in last update. What i thought was working, was not working at all. Its reverted to old code from a week ago that works fine.
  4. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - Warrior only update for Bandolier swaping

    Had a bad bracket in the swap, fixed. Also updated DB date so all toons will be on correct spell DB. (Hopefully the last DB update for a long time!)
  5. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - Finally done with spells to 120.

    - Druid spells to 120 - Enchanter spells to 120. - SK Bando on named will auto swap to shield and not go back to 2hander (you can disable this with /cc bando). HUD Updates. hunter mode tweaks. Encroaching Darkness will now cast on fleeing mobs. - Other minor tweaks. for new spells i did not (I...
  6. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - Take 2.. It wasn't nirvana for SK's I guess

    Soooo apparently in my code cleaning frenzy (like piranhas to a dead cow).. I kinda may have accidentally removed something needed in Shadow Knights. But Rejoice the Gitkracken God has bestowed gifts and returned them. - Corrected SHD Bando screwups (you no longer look like a ninja with...
  7. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - Nirvana ???

    -Pulling and Tanking updates for war, brd, shd. minor code cleanup. -added shout line for warrior aggro. -added mage /cc rods command. enables or disables summoning of mod rods. Mage Rods fixed, should not spam cast anymore. -wizzy spells updated to 120!!!! -Bards now have the ability to...
  8. Aipoc76

    Patch - Jan 5 2021 - EQ Patch - MQ Out of Date

    there was a patch. you need to update. but mostlikely since you installed next over mq2, you will need to reinstall mq2. (LIVE = MQ2)
  9. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - SK and ranger critical fixes.

    I really didn't want to post a update this soon, didn't even touch wizzy spells yet. However SK was pretty much broken, and had some good ranger tweaks done. - added ranger summers line nuke cast counter and a /cc snukes to edit it. increased spell casting and AA usage. - SK fixed command and...
  10. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - Ranger fix for mq2 wildstalkers (it worked in next before)

    minor tweak to warrior code - should not break mez on adds when getting aggro. Ranger Wildstalkers fixed for mq2 (was not a issue on next) and 2 more dps buffs added.
  11. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - mages warriors healers oh my

    tank targeting fixed.. mage 120 spells updated (PLEASE TELL ME IF ERRORS!!!!!!) was difficult doing this with out a 120 mage to look at spells. cleric and shammy hud updates (MQ2 use /cc loadhud. NEXT use /cc loadhudx) war tanking named correction shaman melee fix cleric saints unity update...
  12. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - spell fixes and tank shenanigans fixed

    multiple fixes for war and in common spell casting stuff. I broke something in last update.. Its fixed. Bards should not be acting stupid anymore.. I broke them also... War now buffs normally again... SK Code typo fixes. Probably broke something new,, let me know!!!
  13. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - Rogue spells, ranger buffs

    added 120 spell list for rogues. fixed rogue hud added /cc unloadhud command updated named list for new zones fixed ranger buffing should notice quite a few more than it was doing (should of been doing them all along.. but meh, no one complained till lately.). also DB will update now...
  14. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - Update is for Rangers Spirit of Eagles AA line only

    No need to download if you arn't a ranger. This fixes 1 thing only for them.. as all ways you WILL need to /admin updatedb
  15. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - Cleric 120 symbol fix

    Rejoice 120 Clerics.. you now not spammed to death with DB errors.... Sorry.. sometimes hitting all the correct keys is hard!
  16. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - emergency update for spell casting.

    should resolve some spells being misidentified and macro throwing a error. PS Just in case you didnt know for 120 spells to work! You MUST do a /admin updatedb for new levels and spells.
  17. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - shd 120 spells, added pet tank option for new aggro spell buff.

    Added a pet tank option for SK new pet aggro spell. /cc pettank enables or disables the spell line (I hope.... Hell it could blow up Darkpaw servers for all i know...) :) You MUST do a /admin updatedb for new levels and spells.
  18. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - Refix to Cleric splash and Ranger class for spell updates

    You MUST do a /admin updatedb for new levels and spells. Added 120 Ranger spells. Corrected Cleric splash bug I reintroduced. Thanks Gitcracken! More classes spells coming. Its slow. Ill get done as I can. Thank you for your patience.
  19. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - 1.61 120 spells done for BER, BRD, BST, CLR, SHM, WAR

    getin it done slowly. You MUST do a /admin updatedb for new levels and spells.
  20. Aipoc76

    Work in Progress XGen - 1.60 Been a while since ive updated... Some new spells for some classes so far.

    I should of mentioned in the update 1.60 .. You MUST do a /admin updatedb for new levels and spells. Some of you know I no longer play EQ, Having said that friends and family do, so I had to update for them also. I've so far got 3 classes spells redone. A few cleric tweaks have been done also...