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  1. Sic

    Question - Curious to use on live servers

    using macroquest is against ToS from our resources: Is this allowed? No. We want Very Vanilla to gain acceptance within the EQ community, so we designed it work only on servers that allow multi-boxing, and we don't allow game-breaking hacks or cheats. You can help us gain acceptance by...
  2. Sic

    Plugin - MQ2EQBC

    the eqbcs window, the window you show in your screenshot is the eqbc server window. that needs to be running so you can connect in game.
  3. Sic

    Problem - Burn Key Problems

    If you are still using any of the mq2 variants of eqbc server - don't. Either use the new eqbcs that knightly did, or use Dannet. Almost sounds exactly the reason I was using eqbcs2 over the original eqbcs. The new one in your MacroQuest install does not have that problem
  4. Sic

    Problem - Burn Key Problems

    I think we spoke about this the other day. Make sure your aliases are correct for the cwtn plugins. They are posted in my hotkey page. I use those aliases nonstop every day. Re kiss cmd not firing AND other stuff, I'd make sure you are connected to eqbc/Dannet etc and you're not having some...
  5. Sic

    Plugin - MQ2GroupInfo

    you need your zliz group window to be large enough to always have room to display it without stretching it manually. this is your EQ Group window to go inside your zliz folder --- which is why i said "here is my group window for zliz" :)
  6. Sic

    Plugin - MQ2GroupInfo

    you need to edit your zliz window to give you enough space for it to always be there which is what we talked about earlier here is my group window for zliz
  7. Sic

    News - Community Resource Council

    my point was 2 parts 1. good things can come from community input, and has done 2. they have told me directly they're not interested this time around I don't think this should stop people from trying to participate, just know the part about mq usage.
  8. Sic

    News - Community Resource Council

    well as i said this was what was voted on by a "council" of people that DW/Holly got together. there were various people from various communities on what a "Multibox tlp would look like" one of the many things we voted on was if mq should be allowed, and this one "passed" this is holly/DW era...
  9. Sic

    Plugin - MQ2Map

    /plugin mq2map unload
  10. Sic

    News - Community Resource Council

    just be warned, they do not want known mq users or members from our community also it is unfair to say there is no contribution ever made rizlona existing AND rizlona "allowing" mq was literally voted on by a focus group (and strangely which i still don't understand, FV loot rules didn't pass...
  11. Sic

    Question - Looking for a bard macro

    kiss allows you to specify what you want to use and when. muleassist allows you to specificy what you want to use and when. rgmercs handles stuff on its own
  12. Sic

    Funny - Tell me you’re and old gamer without saying you’re an old gamer.

    wooden circle and stick ya'll leaning into the "im old" a bit too much - you are plenty young. embrace something new =p
  13. Sic

    Tech - Alt tab crash.

    Eq itself has a big problem with resolution changing frequently, and unfortunately doesn't offer a windowed borderless mode. I use isboxer for that reason
  14. Sic

    Tech - Needing some help with the UI.

    you definitely want to take a look at the RG starter videos. "MacroQuest" is the official version we have now - you don't want to use legacy. legacy doesn't have easyfind ui, for example and mq2nav for legacy has an issue with the ui window (you have to often unload and then reload the plugin...
  15. Sic

    Plugin - MQ2Map

    you can /mqsettings and go to plugins -> map and adjust your filters there. or you can /mapfilter option to change your options
  16. Sic

    IRL - Lurking to learn!

    nope, level 2 is level 2
  17. Sic

    Question - Other Game to Play?

    I haven't tried it, but FFXIV is pretty popular these days @imgregrice might have some cool screenies to show you
  18. Sic

    Request - Do I need a level 2 for launcher?

    Welcome to redguides, You do need a level 2 subscription to have access to all of the goodies that redguides has to offer, including the launcher. > Here < is some information on redcents. it doesn't take much to earn enough redcents just by being a part of the community to keep a level 2 sub.